Garmin Vector 3 first real images – oh yeah . . soony soon soon

Garmin Vector 3 - first imagesAs per FCC ID IPH-03220 here is one of the first images of the new Vector 3 which, err, looks like a pedal.

Or maybe it is just a pedal?

With power in it.

Or it could be the awesome (and probably cheaper) Favero ASSIOMAs from another angle.

Hint: It’s not. it’s the Vector 3. Go to the link above and look at the other images. One of them has the word VECTOR on it. That was a giveaway to me.

Available/Announced SOON. Probably Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th

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5 thoughts on “Garmin Vector 3 first real images – oh yeah . . soony soon soon

  1. Looks good without this (fragile) Pod. ?
    2 LR44/SR44 batteries per pedal need; 120h (in reality then only 80-90h then) lifetime. ?
    ANT+ & /BLE. ?

  2. And… 1% accuracy. ? Today in the shopping mall I saw that the LR44/HR are common batteries for hearing aids. They are very small (and not expensive). It looks like they are commonly available. 4 of them (in the saddle bag) won’t take much space. Nice move to keep the pedal sleek. The bearing surface (for the cleat) looks bigger now.

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