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Garmin-010-01758-01-2 Edge 1030The kind people at Bike Bling have shared the details of the Garmin Edge 1030 Cycling Computer for us.

There is the usual bundle and non-bundle offerings but we are most interested in the juicy specs. And of course we need to get our hands on one to see if it really lives up to marketing claims.

A new ‘headline’ feature is “Trendline popularity routing” which Garmin have developed after mining the data we all have in Garmin Connect. Essentially this will be something similar to the heatmaps that are available on other platforms for all sports (like Suunto MOVESCOUNT), although admittedly with more data points in the Garmin incarnation and probably also with better integration into active directional routing. Popularity routing will generally be a welcomed and useful feature especially as it covers both road and off-road routes. There will probably be idiosyncracies where cycle routes are shown, and we can have a slight giggle at, that but on the most part it will be great. I know I have found MOVESCOUNT’s heatmaps insightful – for example when going on holiday somewhere new you can post a request on a forum for local insight on great trails to ride but it might be quicker to look where others cycle on heatmaps or popularity routing engines.

Garmin are keen to remind us of STRAVA Live Segment integration as many of us are coming to ‘rely’ on STRAVA nearly as much as the Garmin device itself. OK, ok. We know. But what we might not have known is that the Edge 1030 and other Edge units will receive all your STRAVA routes automatically…hooray!! Finally!!

DETAILED REVIEW: Garmin Edge 820 – the 1030 gives you all of this and more in a larger and updated physical format.

Garmin are ALSO keen to remind us of their integration with their VARIA cycling awareness accessories. OK part of that is to sell more product; but when I used the VARIA rear lights and proximity RADAR I actually found it pretty good and useful as a means of avoiding being hit by large and fast lumps of metal aka vehicles. Handy.

Finally a new ‘headline’ feature is rider-to-rider messaging. I remain to be convinced about this. No doubt Garmin will have considered the safety issues and will tell us not to use the functionality whilst moving…I wonder if the functionality is disabled automatically when moving…let’s see. But at least there seems to be a nod towards smart/pre-canned responses to SMS messages that can be sent with a small number of key taps as opposed to typing a whole new message from scratch.

A massive selling point for the Edge 1030 will be the new EXTENDED BATTERY PACK which makes use of connectors within the Garmin mount…clever, or what!? The pack can give an additional 24 hours of charge. I would imagine the best use is to refuel your 1030 between stops ON YOUR HANDLEBARS as you ride and then keep the pack somewhere safe. Otherwise your aeroness could be compromised 😉

Talking of which, Garmin have responded to the super-aero claims of WAHOO ELEMNT BOLT to introduce a ‘flush’ out-front mount. although I’d imagine that the ‘not tiny’ Edge 1030 is not particularly designed for time trials.

Structured workout CREATION will be better supported though Garmin Connect (mobile) and  the 1030 will feature minor updates to workout execution.

Bluetooth sensor support is also added. That is generally of limited value EXCEPT for those of you who want to connect to app such as STRAVA or ZWIFT.

The touchscreen is the obvious addition. Reports are already coming in from several corners doubting the touchscreen’s awesomeness although, in balance and as with the Edge 820, d c rain maker is generally happy stating “Not to mention the touch screen definitely improves upon the Edge 820” even though he was happy with the Edge 820 performance, ” it works just fine in rain or with gloves

Otherwise it looks a bit like the features carried over from the Edge 820 combined with some clever stuff from FIRSTBEAT that has already been incorporated into the Fenix 5 range.

However, if you are not familiar with the Fenix 5 or the Edge 820 (and many of you won’t be) then have a read through the official headline specs below. My only concerns would be: if it is properly able to run a few CIQ apps ie is it under-powered like the Edge 820; if the touchscreen works or not; and if the navigation is properly powered and able to be interpreted by anyone who doesn’t have a Harvard MBA. Sigh.

Summary: Looks cool if my concerns are met; I’m sticking with the WAHOO ELEMNT for now.

Specs & Information

  • TRENDLINE POPULARITY ROUTING Uses billions of miles of Garmin Connect ride data to show you the best on- and off-road routes traveled by cyclists.
  • DISPLAY The new 3.5” screen is bigger and sharper than in previous Edge cycling computers.
  • RIDER-TO-RIDER MESSAGING1 Rider-to-rider messaging lets you send prewritten notes from your Edge 1030 to other riders’ Edge devices. Let your friends know if you’ll catch up in a few minutes or if they should go on without you.
  • NEW SMART CONNECTIVITY1 Respond to missed phone calls or texts with prewritten messages4 such as “be home soon.” Give your friends and family — even your fellow riders — peace of mind by letting them follow your rides in real time with LiveTrack and GroupTrack2.
  • GARMIN CYCLE MAPS AND ALERTS Edge 1030 is preloaded with maps and includes turn-by-turn navigation and new navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming sharp turns.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE Your Edge battery should outlast your ride, not the other way around. With Edge 1030, get up to 20 hours of power, and if that’s not enough, add up to 24 more with the optional extended battery pack.
  • STRAVA LIVE SEGMENTS Race virtually against your Strava friends with second-by-second comparisons, and see how your effort compares to your PR. The new segment explore alerts you to a nearby iconic segment.
  • NEW PRELOADED STRAVA ROUTES CIQ APP The starred routes automatically sync to your Edge so you can navigate and compete on your favorite segments at the same time.
  • NEW PRELOADED TRAINING PEAKS CIQ APP With TrainingPeaks, bringing your coach with you for every ride is as easy as turning on your Edge 1030. The preloaded TrainingPeaks Connect IQ™ app puts your daily workout right on the Edge device.
  • VARIA COMPATIBILITY Edge 1030 is compatible with Varia™ rearview radar, Varia Vision and smart bike lights to help create a safer riding environment.
  • CONNECT IQ COMPATIBLE Customize Edge 1030 with free apps, widgets and data fields you want from the Connect IQ store. Apps such as AccuWeather let you know when the rain is going to stop so you can find time for a ride.
  • NEW IN-LINE FLUSH MOUNT This included mount keeps your device in line with the handlebars, not above them. This gives your Edge a lower profile, and it is also effortless to switch out optional accessories

Includes: Extended out-front mount, standard mount, speed sensor, cadence sensor, premium heart rate monitor, tether, USB cable, manuals

Price: $899.99 (bundle), $799.99 (non-bundle)

As of 28 August 2017, the previous EDGE 1000 bundle was $599 on amazon (or $450 unbundled). Bargain, in comparison ie 50% more expensive than the Edge 1000

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eu500/$595/£520 and will stay around that level until Summer 2019. .
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Bundle prices approx $250 or £200 and UNlikely to fall below in 2018.


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900$???? are they insane?


or maybe not. Things is, for this money I cat get a nice 1000/wahoo and left pedal powermeter. But….I don’t think this will be the price. I think we have to wait.Not to mention hammerhead karoo right around the corner.


luckily it is only 599€/$


Varia (Radar): I love it. Such a helpful device. It acts as ‘6th sense’ and helped a lot to have better overview (what’s going on behind me?). ⛑

Messaging: Great! We really need more text and drive people on the roads, as we don’t have enough (nearby) accidents. ?

White housing: Looks like a ‘touring computer’. ?

Buttons: I found the on-top buttons (of the 1000 model) very handy. ?

Firstbeat: Good, but currently only useful when the device is used for every activity (type). That means GRRMIN needs to sync this ‘metric’ between devices (Edge GC Fenix/Forerunner). ??

Extended Battery: Clever. We’ll see how clunky it will look. ?

Price: ?

Stuart Myatt

800 dollars for USA that means 700 pounds minimum U.K. Wow that’s what I was kinda hoping to pay for the vector 3 and not the 1030. Think I will stick with my 1000 and wait for a year for the inevitable price drop. Or do I just cut and run to wahoo. Sounds like it might be a better option


This is pretty underwhelming, especially for the price. I was sure I was going to replace my (unreliable) 810 for this as I have just been using my 935 w/ bike mount for most rides over the last few months. I’ll just stick with what I have through the winter and hope they come out with a new 520/820 by next summer.

Seems like a great opening for WF to take some market share.


interesting that bikebling still has it listed at $780 even though the list price is $600. $600 is much more reasonable, especially when you can easily get 10% to 15% discounts at REI or Clever Training

tfk, the5krunner

not sure clever training are allowed to discount Garmin products at MAP


Hey guys,

Just trying to figure out, but have not got an answer yet. When following a Custom Workout, have Garmin tweaked the setup of the screen in any way or made it possible for the user to customise it?

Reasons I ask, is because it would be quite useful to see a couple of data filed on this page, for example, cadence in addition to power, maybe even two targets. Usually workouts specify the intensity (i.e. power or HR), but also a specific cadence. So it would be quite useful to have that.

Has anyone who has got his hands on a 1030 seen if this is possible?