Garmin Vivoactive 3 – Specs – The All-Conquering Fitbit Killer is (almost) here

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Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin’s likely intentional leak of Vivoactive 3 images recently to the mainstream tech media, as above (Wareable), has been followed today with the specs. The Vivoactive 3 is imminent.

The problem is that it looks good.

Very good.

The problem is that Fitbit are going to be quaking in their  ‘will-our-new-product-work?’ boots.


Looks good, should HOPEFULLY work well, feature-full, won’t replace the high-end sports watches from Garmin and unfortunately lacks on-board music

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Here are some of the features lined up for the Vivoactive 3 and it looks so good that I might even get one myself:

  • Yawn…all the usual Garmin stuff:
    • GPS+GLONASS and live track
    • ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors
    • Footpod,
    • Speed,
    • Cadence
    • all the Varia (vision, bike light and radar)
    • Tempe
    • Virb
    • not power sensors though….
    • VO2max
    • Optical HR + rebroadcasting via ANT+ + 247 HRrest
    • Sleep tracking
    • Intensity minutes
    • MoveIQ
    • HRV  & Stress Level (at resting levels)
    • Workouts
    • Personal records
    • Navigation, including back-to-start and electronic compass
    • Vibrations
    • Laps, alerts (eg zone-based), pool sizes,
    • Auto pause, auto lap, auto scroll
    • smart/per second recording
    • Fenix 5 charger (or very similar)
    • Swim proof to 5ATM
    • Barometric altimeter
    • 20mm pin-based bands…NOT the QuickFit (Fenix 5) ones
    • Battery: up to 13 hours of GPS or up to 7 days as a smartwatch
    • Touchscreen
    • Connect IQ app store
    • Smart notifications

Yep it looks awesome with all that. Pretty too

Impressed? Of course not. That’s the normal stuff. In true Mike Myers QVC style…”Wait, there’s more

  • Garmin Pay – yep. contactless payments. Mr(s) R&D has been very busy in Olanthe
  • Music control (from your smartphone) – darn, thought that was going to be on the device when I first saw it.

Price: Not sure. Probably well North of £/£/Eu250. This is going up against the Apple 2/3 and Fitbit Ionic.

Availability: Probably will be announced w/e 8th Sept to be bought by you very soon after, CERTAINLY in time for Christmas

Source: Garmin, via FCC


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Stress widget according to the user manual. Would assume it’s 24/7 stress like the Vivosmart 3


Looks interesting. Do you know whether it has a barometer, anything about dimensions or screen resolution, or whether it will come in other colors?

tfk, the5krunner

gps altimeter i would have thought but I don’t know
probably 218x218px (TBC)


i like it, looks good and promising features.
gps altitude i guess and no barometric sensor?
any infos on prices?


Well the VAHR does have a barometric sensor so that would be a step down 😉

tfk, the5krunner

yep I guess the same
I guessed the prices too. should be below apple2 but somewhere in that region. unless garmin want it to be a real game changer and properly undercut (but we know garmin)


That’s a long list of features…what does it not have compared to say a FR935 apart from all the multisport stuff ?

What will be missed by some is the rectangular shape…and the price !


ive the FR935 and i´m asking myself if the vivoactive3 wouldnt be enough for me since i dont do triathlon. as far as i´ve seen the specs there is nothing i´d miss on a vivoactive 3.


Based on manual, it has barometric altimeter.

Don van D

Bummer! No music on the device. A big nono for me.


How would you rate this agianst the similar priced Suunto Spartan Trainer and Fenix 3?


More so for hiking and gym work.


Full stryd support via connect iq app?