Fenix 5 PLUS v2 (Q2.2018) – Maybe Forerunner 945 too?

Garmin Fenix 5XI’m the first to moan when a sports watch vendor introduces a new data metric and suddenly the watch becomes “Version 3” rather than a miniscule/incremental improvement on “version 2”. I suppose “Version 3” sounds better than “Version 2.01” for the marketeers.

Back to the Fenix 5; here (link to: the5krunner.com) we guess there will be a Fenix 6 (six) in 2019. That’s a long way away, however, and we have no idea what might be in it or if it will come in that timeframe. The certainty is that Garmin will keep on developing and improving one of its financially successful watches.

Garmin are generally good at introducing new functionality to existing watches; there are many examples but my favourite example is the 920XT which went from being originally ‘good’ to eventually becoming ‘feature-laden’. So, “What about the Fenix 5?”.

It looks like there will be a Fenix 5 PLUS Series in 2018 – aka v2

@Matt (link to: the5krunner.com) seems to think there will be NFC payments ie the Garmin Pay from the recently announced Vivoactive 3 (link to: the5krunner.com) AND GALILEO satellite support for greater positional accuracy (more info, link to: the5krunner.com and link to: the5krunner.com) @joop (link to: the5krunner.com) further states that there will be Samsung SmartThings support for the 645 with appelmoessite also saying the Fenix 5 plus will support SmartThings too (link to: gpsrumours.com).

I think that is all entirely plausible and, indeed reasonably likely. I had personally envisaged that GALILEO would come a little later but I’ll go with @Matt who also thinks that the 935 might have GALILEO on the cards too IF a plus version is released.

NFC would be of little interest to me personally but will be of significant interest to many Fenix users wanting to extend the day-to-day usefulness of their watch. GALILEO could herald a whole new level of positional/pace accuracy and I’m CERTAINLY interested in that ESPECIALLY when I would argue that Garmin do not seem to be as accurate as Polar/Suunto in that regard, on the whole.

Along with many others I will keep calling out the inaccuracies of Garmin’s metrics when I find them.

Bring on Q2.2018

Garmin Fenix 5X 5 5S Forerunner 935 Review

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Galileo expects full operational capability (FOC) in 2019 with the complete 30-satellite Galileo system (24 operational and 6 active spares) is expected by 2020. So why worry about it now?


Galileo support was added to the Foretrex line, but honestly I don’t think that will be the main “sell” for the mid cycle update. They won’t want to wait 2 years to add NFC to their top of the line watches. They’ll quietly fix the ANT+ antenna issue on the F5 and add NFC and call it something market-y.


Also, regarding NFC. I could care less about using it at the grocery store or mall while shopping. The really interesting part (to me) is to be out on a run and need to get something from a gas station quick without a wallet or phone. Could be awesome for “emergencies”.