| New | Garmin Connect *MOBILE* rolls out workout CREATION feature

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Garmin Connect Mobile Workout CreatorI finally updated my Garmin Connect Mobile iOS app today and was pleasantly surprised to get the new workout creation facility. Here are a few screenshots with some comments afterwards


  • It’s been in beta and known about for some time
  • The same functionality is on android too.
  • Workouts sync across all net/ios/android devices…and hence to your sports device by your chosen connection/device
  • The flow for creating a workout is very similar to Garmin Connect online…just on an app instead. It’s probably a fraction clunkier in places as a result but perfectly good for the purpose
  • There might be subtle differences in precisely how the workout creation works but I couldn’t particularly see any.
  • The slideshow specifically highlights that custom zones can be created in a workout. for example to set custom bike power zones (no running power zones of course) – I only showed that as someone was asking about that only this week.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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I just got the option to switch over to the beta version of the app (android). Love the card interface. it looks a lot like how the Fitbit app looked. The watch sync is a tad slow, but having everything in a scrolling line of things is way better than having to swipe to each thing over and over.