August – Monthly Roundup. Very, very interesting and totally self-absorbed.

ZWIFT on the wahoo kickr kickr17 smart trainer review
Hey look! 738w. Amazing what photoshop can do.

This is the first and probably last of my monthly roundups…August 2017, here we go:

I could tell you where I went on holiday but suspect that you might not be too interested. It was a bit prettier than the nuclear power station I sort-of went to last year (link to: Hint: I almost swam 1 nautical mile to another country – but didn’t as I would have got arrested and would still be there. It would have been an interesting story as well as, probably, an international incident. Back to the stuff you might be interested in…

  • New charge-as-you-go- battery pack for the Fenix 5/935 and Edge 1030 (link to: – 10/10
  • TomTom add something to do with VO2max to the Runner 2/3/Adventurer (no link, it’s fairly self-explanatory) 2/10
  • Galileo MIGHT get added to the Fenix 5 v2 in early 2018. (link to: A hopeful 7.5/10
  • DCR tells me to turn my erg mode off (how personal 😉 link to: … don’t you hate it when other people are right and you’ve just wasted a couple of hours ‘proving’ that what the manufacturer said might well be correct? I know I do. 2/10 (post re-written with correct data still not relying too much on all that science nonsense)
  • Wahoo broke my website (link to: Yes they (sort of) really did. Well, it broke, to be a little more scientifically accurate.. 1/10
  • OH ! yes the OH1! Polar’s Scosche-trouncer looks great (link to: OK maybe trouncer is too strong. How about ‘competitor’? Doesn’t sound as interesting though, does it? 7.6/10
  • Garmin latest vivosomething reaches version 3 (and looks good) (link to: I tried hard to think of something disparaging to say…and couldn’t! 6/10
  • KICKR3 CLIMB1 AWESOME2 (link to: 8.5/10

Random image inserted to make this all look a bit nicer and more ‘professional’:

Golden Cheetah - KICKR KICKR17 Review Detailed
Workout mode, NOT 738w


  • Reduced KICKR2s by £350 (refurb) and cheap P1 and discounted MILESTONEs  (link to: and (link to: and  (link to: meh/10 They’ve probably all sold now. I haven’t checked, sorry.
  • Edge 1030. Visa baby (link to: No really it’s NOT a review…I don’t have one. 4/10
  • KICK-ASS ASSIOMA (link to: In detail…I do have one. 9/10
  • Tri watch awards finalised (link to: and the winner is?….. 9/10
  • Guess who got a new pair of sunglasses? (link to: … for winter. Winter is coming. Timing is EVERYTHING. Who were Jon Snow’s parents BTW? I got lost at that point (they made up that storyline 7 months ago and it isn’t in the books that I haven’t read. Maybe) 6/10 (-2 for poor timing)
  • Runscribe PLUS – running power (baby) (link to: (6/10…power in beta…grrr)
  • 800w (link to: and yes my CP curve does very occasionally go higher than that too, especially on a MTB down bumpy steps – best way to get 4 figures. 800/10
  • parkrun tourist still wanted (link to:
  • My perfect running watch….”I” should be easily pleased as “I” am not as demanding as “the5krunner” may be in a gadgety way. But no-one does please me, it turns out. (link to:  3/10
  • SPARTAN TRAINER – nicey nice (link to: 9/10
  • BSX LVL GRR (link to: 4/10
  • I think I also unlocked some orange ZWIFT socks. Anyone fancy a detailed review on ZWIFT accessories? Well, on the 7 that I unlocked. 0/10
  • Vector 3, the podless wonder (link to: It’s the vector 2 with no pods. Don’t get too excited, it looks like all my other pedals now. 6/10 (-3 for price)


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