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We all know that STRAVA means STRIVE in one of the Scandinavian languages.

Now STRIVE exists too. (link to: strive.ai). Maybe that means STRAVA in the English language?

It’s currently in beta and is providing advanced analytics based on your STRAVA data. I’ve only had a chance to glance through my POWER stats for both RUNNING (STRYD) and CYCLING.

My day job is beckoning so I’ll just jot down a few points and you can have a look yourself, hopefully the points below are indicative of the potential awesomeness:

  • Appears to be free (although from my knowledge of some of the data they are using I’d imagine they have to pay for that data at some point)
  • Looks at run-power and cycling-power data
  • Welcome email has running best power efforts up to 10k
  • Dashboard view of recent efforts indicates CP-breakthroughs
  • There are a few novel and interesting insights/’FACTORS’. The one below shows that CADENCE (3.26) has a significant negative impact on my 1600m pace. FYI: STRAVA is not a place where I keep complete data sets


  • So rather than just heart rate and cadence, STRIVE also looks at power and all the other factors that might affect it such as temperature, humidity, grade, altitude and warmup time. Funnily enough the latter had  a positive impact on my limited data set.
  • Then there are unusual  CP curve and threshold power trends (run and bike)
  • and there’s more…

Here is some info from STRIVE:



strive.ai is a Strava API application which brings learning & predictive algorithms to the Strava user community. The app has three core functions:

  1. Segment achievements ranked by watts per kilogram
  2. Tracking of [1, 5, 20 and 60min] thresholds [bike/run power and heartrate] over an 8 week window
  3. Run pace best effort achievements and analysis.

Surrounding these core functions are several AI features:

  • Predict which “gear” was used on a Ride Activity (Bike Classifier)
  • Find athletes in your geo with the same power-to-weight (Athlete Cluster)
  • Threshold trend charts for Bike/Run Power and Heartrate
  • Identify anomalies in your power profile (e.g. meter is miscalibrated)
  • Identify variables impacting your thresholds (Factors)


New AI features will be introduced on a frequent basis. Some items on the roadmap include:

  • Predict segment completion time based on new power threshold(s)
  • Apple Healthkit data integration to enhance Factors insights
  • Power meter anomaly detection



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