| WatTeam PowerBeat | Price Cut – Market Changing Bike Power Meter Move

WatTeam have just announced some new product variations and a market-shaking price for their PowerBeat product.

Quick Recap

Previously you would install the POWERBEAT sensor yourself on your crank and it would look something like this.

WatTeam PowerBeat Power Meter Review Comparison Garmin Vector 2

It was a bit of a faff to install but the DIYers amongst you would be able to manage it. And once it was installed, that was it. Many of you did that because of the great price that you would get for a dual-sided BLE/ANT+ powermeter.

They seemed pretty solid in use. I’m using some at the moment myself on a Canondale SiSL2 crank.

REVIEW: Watteam PowerBeat. Link to: the5krunner.com

There was also the issue of what to do if you have more than one bike – THE powerbeat BEING PERMANENTLY AFFIXED to one set of cranks. The app that was used in the installation tantalisingly let you know that you would soon be able to configure a second PM set.

There have also been competitive price decreases at slightly higher price points from other companies. So you can see the headline price for Power Meter pedals as approximately at these levels:

  • Garmin Vector 3: $1000
  • Favero Assioma (the new bePRO): $800 (single $480)
  • PowerTap P1: $1000

So how do you fancy a ‘solid’ & ‘proper’ powermeter for $259?

I’m talking single-sided of course. But that’s pretty much half the price of the ASSIOMA.

And that’s the new price of the WatTeam PowerBeat (single-sided) – $259.

If you don’t want to install it yourself then that’s no problem, as for $99 more you can get someone else to do it for you at a service centre. AND that price includes shipping.

If you want a dual-sided PM then the new price for the WatTeam DUAL is $399.


Yeah, yeah. But you’ve got two bikes so it makes sense to buy the ASSIOMAs as you want to switch PMs. Well, WatTeam have thought of that too.

You can buy two POWERBEATs for a total of $699

That’s still cheaper than the ASSIOMA and WAY cheaper than the VECTOR and P1.

Let’s say you want to start small with the one-sided PM. There is the option for an upgrade kit for that as well which, you guessed it, STILL works out cheaper.


It’s a price to make you think. A price to make you think VERY carefully indeed…especially when you can knock another 10% off with PowerMeterCity (below). Heck, it even encroaches on the pricing of the Velocomp PowerPod which varies from $200-$300 or so.

WatTeam PowerBeat Review | Discount | Dual-Side

Powermetercity often discount and there is a further 10% off with my code, as shown below. That’s normally a well priced option.

power meter city
10% WATTEAM Discount Coupon: the5krunner10

Use the 10% coupon (the5krunner10) at PMC

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. $259/£/Eu and is unlikely to fall in 2018.

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