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Power Meter CityIn the USA I partner exclusively with Power Meter City.

Generally you get a 10% CASH discount with the code the5krunner10 when that code is used at checkout.

However this discount is not allowed to apply to most Garmin, Favero (Assioma) and STAGES purchases.

As from NOW, PowerMeterCity will INSTEAD give you a 10% store credit on Garmin, ASSIOMA & STAGES purchases that you can then use against any other product. AND you can still use my the5krunner10 discount AS WELL AS THE STORE CREDIT on the second purchase, providing it is not for a Garmin, Favero or Stages product

Why I partner With PowerMeterCity: The owner, Josh, is a great guy and keen to grow his business. Hopefully, like me, you will want to help the smaller companies with a passion for customer service.  If you want anything to do with, ahem, ‘power meters’ or ‘stuff related to power meters’ then the name is on the tin. They do what the name says.

Admittedly, PMC don’t sell cities.

PowerMeterCity has a 95% EXCELLENT rating on TRUSTPILOT

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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