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Garmin Vector 2OK smarty-pants, how well do you know your power meters?

Here are 2 quizzes

  1. Power Meter 101. (Link to: powermetercity.com)
  2. Power Meter Know-It-All  (Link to: powermetercity.com)

I got two wrong on the second, more advanced, quiz. Although in my defence I realised one was wrong as soon as I clicked it.

They are genuine quizzes and not click bait. The advertising bit is to remind you that there is either a 10% discount or 10% store credit off EVERYTHING at PowerMeterCity with the checkout code: the5krunner10

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Admittedly, PMC don’t sell cities.

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3 thoughts on “| Quiz | Power Meters

  1. Bad question:
    ANT+ is an “open system” and data can be sent to multiple head units. Bluetooth SMART is a “closed system”, and you are limited to one.

    closed and open? Not sure what that means. Limited to one? With current implementations or what the standard supports? BLE does allow for pairing to multiple head units but no one seems to do it yet

    Also oval chainrings impact power based on how oval it is (assuming power meter doesn’t correct for it and the power meter is in a location that can be impacted, hub based aren’t impacted)

    The whole Crank Position System is just a marketing term. Lots of power meters can do magnetless cadence but still better to use magnets if you want perfect. Even with Verve: http://support.vervecycling.com/support/solutions/articles/1000145011-aren-t-cadence-magnets-a-thing-of-the-past-

    1. Hi Eli. Thanks for the feedback. We’re in the process of revamping our questions a bit. For example, one question is about power measurement in the spindle and doesn’t mention Easton’s new CINCH power meter.

      The ANT+ vs. BLE thing can get a bit messy. We’ve often heard the open vs. closed argument and used it as we’re really yet to see a BLE power meter pair with multiple head units.

      Yes, I agree on oval chainrings. The more oval the ring, the more the power data can be skewed. We actually did some research and wrote an article on this. In our question I think we say “on average”.

      Also agree on accelerometers. However two interesting notes…Verve claims their CPS is different and better. I can’t tell you how or why…I’ve never gotten into it with their engineers but probably should. Also, while it’s true that magnets are the best for accuracy, the new InfoCrank works best without them. The new firmware acts funky sometimes when a magnet is used…at least in our experience. Anyway…thanks for checking out the quiz 🙂


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