Cabbage Patch 10 Miler & Charity needs support : MDS Patient Support Group

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Cabbage Patch 10 Mile Running Race Twickenham

Cabbage Patch 10 (2017) is nearly here: Sunday 15 October 2017.

I’m dusting off my racing flats for another crack at the Cabbage Patch 10 mile race (link to: Twickenham in a few weeks. As usual it sold out ages ago. And I think I am right in saying that, as usual, the winner genuinely gets a cabbage.

Running’s most sought-after cabbage. Probably

It’s a great run and I regularly use quite a few sections of that course for my GPS Test Route for running watches. As well as being ‘GPS-challenging’, in places, the route is also very beautiful in places.

The course, however, is NOT challenging. It’s pretty much flat and fast. Hence it’s a great course to get your 10 mile PB/PR at. But, let’s face it, the choice of 10 mile events IS somewhat limited ;-). Mo Farah has certainly won the event and may hold the course record (edit: nope Richard Nerukar, 46 mins …ouch) and each year there is usually ‘someone famous in running circles‘ running it, be that PSH or Scott Overall.

My goal?

A significantly better running pace than I delivered at HEVER HIM last weekend 😉

Click to donate here

Caitlin Limmer, the Race Director Cabbage Patch 10 has asked me to plug her charity which is in need of some urgent inflows of our hard-earned cash. She is also the patron of MDS Patient Support Group (Myelodysplastic Syndromes are blood disorders, link to: You can read all about it at that link or just donate via the Virgin Money GIVING image on the right. It’s a good cause.

I will be donating.

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