Forerunner 245, 645 and Fenix 5 PLUS – sort of confirmed by Garmin Running Power announcement

With dcr confirming the approximate release date of Garmin Running Power (GRP) as “… around November 22nd, which is the date that the next version of Connect IQ (2.4) is released to the public“. Then you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that a product announcement will follow suit at a very similar time. (Edit: GRP Now released)

So there should be some nice offers on the Forerunner 235 and the Forerunner 630 on Black Friday (24 Nov) as retailers desperately try to clear the shelves of ‘old’ stock. (Edit: there were 😉 )

UPDATE: Full ACTUAL Specifications of the * 645 * and Detailed comparison to 935 and 735XT

Strangely too we might also see the same with the Fenix 5 ‘replacement’ urging retailers to clear the shelves of Fenix 5 ‘originals’….


Garmin Running Power will need a barometric altimeter. So what will the 245 and 645 have? You guessed it “a barometric altimeter

GPSRUMORS suggests:

“Almost certain

  • Wrist HR in all models, removal of non-HR version(s)
  • Watch based payment services (Garmin Pay)
  • Group tracking
  • Standard charge cable (like Fenix 5, Edit: No)
  • BTLE Sensor support
  • Updated ConnectIQ
  • Quickfit straps

“Less Certain

  • Increased battery life to 20 hours (Edit: NO)
  • Music playback (Garmin have been adding storage to watches recently)
  • Strava live segments”

That’s a good set of suggestions. Probably not too far from reality if you add in a high-res touchscreen or two.

I suppose it’s possible that Garmin could limit the GRP to the higher end watches but I doubt that very much as it will go with the barometric altimeter hardware and the generic CIQ2.4.

Some of those features listed by gpsrumors will not be in the 245. I’m just not sure which. Thoughts? Though the SmartThings feature is a shoe-in for the 645 😉

It says 645 right?

Clearly SmartThings probably will not be supported by the 245 judging by the image, above, just the 645 will support it. So there WILL be notable differences between the 246/645 to ‘justify’ the price difference. But which one will become the candidate for the best running watch (ever)?

Then there’s the thorny issue of dropped connections with the Garmin Fenix 5.

Apparently, too, there will be an announcement on the Fenix 5 PLUS replacement. ie the one that really lets you connect properly to all your expensive ANT+ sensors. The hardware fix that software couldn’t fix (plus some extra bits). That was rumoured to be released next year (which I don’t think will change), just expect an announcement this year. We should then also get a steer as to whether Garmin will be expanding their support of GALILEO beyond the FORETREX series and into sports devices. GALILEO could come on the Fenix 5 PLUS and maybe the 645 (either this year or later through firmware). Ironically the GALILEO might well help allay my concerns about the potential inaccuracy of GRP as it should deliver better positional accuracy.

So. Garmin Fenix 5 owners waiting for a recall to fix their products will have to wait a little longer. Indeed they will have to buy a new and probably more expensive watch to fix the connection issues. #CustomerService.

So whilst Garmin’s RunPow might delay some STRYD purchases; the tables could be turned as profitable GARMIN FENIX 5 purchases are also delayed as users wait for the PLUS version with the hardware that works properly.

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices approx $400-$450 or £480-£520 and UNlikely for non-Music to fall below $400 in 2019.

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14 thoughts on “Forerunner 245, 645 and Fenix 5 PLUS – sort of confirmed by Garmin Running Power announcement

  1. If Garmin does announced a Fenix 5 Plus version to fix the dropout issues and add some features, do you think they will offer any incentive to us folks who already have a Fenix 5 with dropout issues? I’ll be so frustrated with Garmin if we get the shaft over this..

  2. Fenix 5 Plus will launch in the next 1-2 months, along with 245/645. It being leaked by ST means it has to be launched soon. No way that showed up 6+ months early.

    They will all be announced in the next week or two with a launch around the CIQ 2.4 launch. I’d look to 10/11 as the launch date.

  3. Looking forward to seeing it, noticed on Amazon that the 630 is now 33% off at $270 so guess they’re clearing the cupboard as well.

    1. I DON’T KNOW.
      Runpow announced on friday…expect all shall eb revealed then. expect to hear the 645 music announcement then. I assume a co-announcement for 245 (i imagine will be same hardware). or it could be at CES in jan
      so it’s friday or 2018.

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