Suunto SPARTAN Improved STRYD Support But Needs More

It’s taken a while but Suunto’s SPARTANs now appear to properly support the STRYD footpod.

The word “TaDa !”, springs to mind.

Prior to firmware v1.11.56, STRYD could be paired as either a footpod (pace, etc) OR as a POWER pod (only power). So if you wanted ACCURATE PACE and POWER then you would have to use STRYD plus another footpod OR just use STRYD for one or the other.

Furthermore it meant that STRYD could not be properly used in a triathlon by many people. I would suggest that many triathletes who use STRYD would probably already have a bike power meter. So in that triathlon race scenario or in a BRICK training scenario the athlete would have to manually change which single device was the POWER device….bike power meter changed to STRYD in T2.


Now STRYD is paired as a FOOTPOD and all is good. The power flows through the FOOTPOD profile along with the stride length, cadence, pace metrics. Just how it should be. A bike power meter is also simultaneously paired as a power POD. Just how it should be.

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NB: Superficial Testing: shows that all the correct STRYD-related data fields DO come through when paired this way

Note: When paired as a footpod SPARTAN still shows “Footpod. SERVICES Running speed & cadence“. This appears to be a bug with the wording…ignore it if you have STRYD.


So now Suunto have fixed STRYD support I can go back to moaning about multi-sports support

New Sport Profiles

Err there aren’t any new ones. I thought there were going to be some. But instead there are a few new datafields for skiing. Probably a good time to include those as the ski season approaches.

I was somewhat ‘disappointed’ that a ‘professional’ multisports watch like the SPARTAN series still does not properly address multi-sports needs.

The SPARTAN does support CHEERLEADING and ROLLERSKATING sports profiles but does not support the following:

  1. Duathlon
  2. Aquathlon (swim-run)
  3. Otillo (swim-run..repeated)
  4. Brick sessions (bike-run…repeated)
  5. Pool triathlon (pool-bike-run)
  6. Any multisport profile other than triathlon=OWS-bike-run (with transitions)

C’mon people. Get with the program.

In Suunto’s partial defence it might be technically hard for them to allow the CUSTOMISATION of multi-sports by us. Maybe the multi-sports with more than 3 legs are hard for them too…fair enough. I can understand that.

However I would have thought  it would NOT be at all hard for Suunto to EASILY include a DUATHLON (R-B-R), CROSS DUATHON (XC-MTB-XC), POOL TRI and AQUATHLON profiles in the same way they have already included the TRIATHLON profile.

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My suuntolink is not updating.
I do not know what i am doing wrong.


not all of my devices will update.
I imagine the new firmware will be rolled out by model and by GEO. give it a day or so


Does the Spartan still insist on auto calibrate STRYD via GPS or did Suunto add options (manual calibration, calibration factor) to the menu ?


auto calibrate can be disabled


Does the Spartan line collect and display Stryd’s additional metrics beyond power, such as ground contact time, leg stiffness, form power, etc?