HUMON, MOXY, BSX…now everyone wants your ‘old’ BSX Insight


After MOXY’s nifty little buy-back offer of BSX Insight devices, Humon (link have now got in on the game with a similar offer. Although really it’s just a discount.

I’m always a sucker for a good discount. $100 off to bring it down to $195 … sounds like a deal to me.

Link above, video below, lower price, what more could you want? (No I’m not going to review a Muscle Oxygen device 😉 )


— From Humon ——————–


Dear Athletes,
We’re getting ready to ship our first units before the new year and wanted to extend an offer to all current BSX users. If you share a post on social media including a picture of you training and the sentence “@behumon, please help me replace my BSX Athletics insight! #trainwithHumon” we’ll send you a unique discount code that will give you $100 off the Hex retail price bringing it down to $195! (make sure to tag us).

As a quick reminder, the Hex is able to identify your lactate threshold and prescribes the perfect pace and workout intensities in real-time thanks to personalized, colored feedback. It has been clinically validated, works with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and connects to Garmin watch and Wahoo bike computers via ANT+.

Have a wonderful day!

  • The Humon Team

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16 thoughts on “HUMON, MOXY, BSX…now everyone wants your ‘old’ BSX Insight

  1. Was this a direct email communication? i’m interested. Look’s like bsx have pulled the 2.2.5 update from the server. As it never downloads, i guess it”l be dead before Christmas

  2. Technically its only $50 off the price anyone else can get it for now. It may be a great device but seems very strange how they have no light shield of anyone not tied to them having access to the device. They did have the beta pilot last year so why haven’t anyone from that post anything?

      1. Hi all, it’s Alessandro from Humon here.

        First of all, I’d be happy to answer any questions about the Humon Hex you might have; feel free to email me on al********@hu***.io anytime!

        Regarding the Beta Pilot: We’ve completed an Alpha Pilot in March 2016 and a Beta Pilot in October 2016 with hundreds of athletes all over the US. We received great feedback from those users and have incorporated all of their feedback to the production units which we’ll start shipping next month.

        Regarding the absence of a light shied, that’s right, we don’t need one! The Humon Hex works in broad daylight and has also been clinically validated against the gold standard. The clinical validation will be presented at SPIE Photonics West in January 2018, and is being submitted to the Journal of Applied Physiology.


      2. Hi Allesandro, would you mind to share some insights (from practical point of view, please; no marketing speech) how to train (endurance sports like Cycling, Running, Rowing, XC Ski, and more) with a Humon Hex? Let‘s take two very common workouts… 2x20min and 3x8min. How would those be setup and trained with a Humon Hex?

      3. I have talked to Humon. It’s in the maybe pile. they didn’t seem to want to offer any sort of reader discount…so where would the incentive be to buying from here? it’s a balance between things that are interesting (which this is) and things that might, just might, make a little bit of money for a weeks’ work looking at it.
        fellrnr is doing something on it currently.

    1. I took the plunge and ordered (yesterday) one. Unfortunately they are sold out. They told me, that mine will be shipping on July 27th. 🙇‍♂️⏳😂

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