CurraNZ get accredited by INFORMED SPORT

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CURRANZ have just confirmed accreditation by Informed Sport.

I would imagine that means something like “not illegal for competitive sports people”. If in doubt … check EXACTLY what it means here (link to

for those of you who want THE MOST DISCOUNTED way to buy this product then use the discount code “5KRUNNER” which you can use here at the curranz site (link to

It’s nearly 30% off.

I receive no money for providing you with this discount but I do get the occasional free packet of tablets to fuel my performance-improving sport habit :-).

Buy a pack with 2x friends and share the 30 tabs so that you have 10 each – that’s then the price of a few Lucozade sports and I bet it will make at least one of you faster. What have you got to lose? 15 seconds over 5k 🙂 Or share with 30 of you in a large rugby squad…do the maths..a pound each for less painful limbs the next day perhaps 🙂

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ESSENTIAL READING: More detailed ‘review’-cum-‘look at’ CURRANZ (link to:

CURRANZ Review – Blackcurrant Performance Enhancement

New pack design. Even more exciting:


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