Garmin Edge 520 Deal – Price Collapse – Edge 530 Near?

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garmin Edge 520 discount

As you can see the Garmin Edge Deal   today represents the lowest price ever

I could speculate that the Edge 530 is imminent – but I do NOT think that is the case. Maybe Spring 2018 for that one. (Edit: it’s an improved Edge 520 plus version for May 2018)

More likely is that there is testing before Black Friday or that the warehouse has just bought  a’job lot’ or that it is Autumn/Fall and this is not really the time for new bike bits purchases. Lots of reasons like that.

Maybe WAHOO Bolt sales are finally making their impact felt? Maybe the Hammerhead KAROO is making potential new buyers think. Maybe. Maybe not.

Speculation aside, it IS the lowest price … ever.

The Edge 520 is now a solid unit and I would recommend it over the 820 as it is a more stable unit and a contender for the best cycling computer, although does lack a few of the 820’s less useful features.



Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eu205/$245/£180 and will fall in sales from May 2018. .

If, instead, you want to consider the Garmin Edge 820 (reviewed here) read this:


Garmin Edge 820 Review – Cycling Computer + Touchscreen



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2 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 520 Deal – Price Collapse – Edge 530 Near?

  1. I bought an old ‘bent bike which needed some pizzazz on all black. Traded its black stuff for orange tires, orange pedals, orange grips, tape, and this mount. Garmin is an old Edge 810. Bike looks more cheery and is easier to see on the road!

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