Garmin Epix Deal Amazon Price Collapse – Fenix 5 *PLUS* Near?

garmin epix deal price drop

As you can see the Garmin EPIX Deal from Amazon today represents the lowest price ever on Amazon in the UK. This follows the lowest ever price in the UK for the Edge 520.

I always liked the Epix and was one of the first non-Garmin people to get my wrists on one in the UK. However the EPIX has been subsumed by the Fenix 5X. We have the imminent possibility of a FENIX 5X PLUS version (ie one where all the hardware bits probably work). This would make the Fenix 5X the frist reserve and the Epix the second reserve when it comes to Amazon’s view of what to stock.

Don’t in ANY way take this as a sign of weakness from the Garmin brand. They have lots more tech to come for us over the next year. Their only problems could be a slow-down in demand…but I haven’t seen that yet.

Speculation aside, it IS the lowest price … ever.

I always loved the EPIX and its design. The Epix is a possible buy if you can’t afford the 5X. There is not much happening with new firmware and some annoying bugs still remain which might affect some people.

If you’d like to help this blog (thank you!) please buy the EPIX, or any other item, through the Amazon links immediately below. European buyers could save big time and buy from Amazon UK on this deal price. See below (OOS in USA)


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4 thoughts on “Garmin Epix Deal Amazon Price Collapse – Fenix 5 *PLUS* Near?

  1. Ray Maker writes today at his site:

    And obviously – if dive watches (or underwater videos) aren’t your thing, fear not, we’ve got more running watches coming in tomorrow (which I haven’t even discussed anywhere). And then more yet the next day; partly why I was so quiet last week. So hang tight!

    So new watches coming (and clearances for the old watches)!

  2. The ‘challenge’ with following any UK/Euro pricing shifts is lack of MAP, so that means that any single retailer can can throw off Amazon pricing due to being a reseller to Amazon. So just a single retailer with a single unit that they want to get rid of breaks it all.

    In the US, with MAP, you can more easily follow pricing as indicators of things. At least until products go off MAP. Epix has been off MAP for I think 14 or so months now, maybe it’s 18 or so. I don’t track the removal date from MAP. Either way, that means retailers can price it however the heck they want.

    Garmin doesn’t typically take things off MAP though until WELL after a replacement is named and shipping. Epix though, was taken off MAP because nobody loves it. The Fenix 3HR for example, is still on MAP last I checked.

    1. Get back to work on your 645 review!! 🙂 🙂 Or are you just taking time off. If you like I can proof read it for you 😉 [seriosuly tho, thank you for the comment]

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