STRAVA Heatmap – *PROPER* HEATMAP #awesome

Heatmaps are all well-and-good. Unless there is lots of data they are warmmaps, not heatmaps.

Now let’s think who might have oodles of data. Garmin..yep, they do. Oh yes, STRAVA too.

This VERY clearly shows that the UK is awesome.

strava-world heatmap

Source:, clickable

And looking at runners in the South West we can see that you are all VERY busy. Most probably at lunch time.

Source:, clickable


That was my 5 minute play. You can have a play at the links below NOTE: DOESN’T WORK ON INTERNET EXPLORER. Perhaps town planners could have a play too.

Spiel and link: The Strava community has generated more than two-hundred thousand years’ worth of activity that cover nearly 17 billion miles. Visit the new Strava Global Heatmap here and see activities from any location on the planet. Learn more about Strava Metro here.

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looks great, especially tracks over water if ‘run’ selected. seems data is rock solid used and not just presented as an visual eye catcher…