Friday Hill Reps – Prince Charles, Mo and me.

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King’s Clump

Yay, I’ve figured out how to do hard running stuff without getting injured. Hill reps. Not particularly pleasant and good for fitness and form.

Dark Hill in Richmond Park is a little bit short for bike hill reps but running up the trail to the side, as shown above, takes a couple of minutes or so in very nice surroundings. It’s probably a little bit too steep for the purpose but it will do for now. 420w…not bad for running. Not for me at any rate. And an improvement on last week. I think I can do quite a bit more than that now.

Back in the glory days, I used to do my Duathlon Brick Hill sets from here. They were notably harder than today’s 6x2minutes, even though, door-to-door the whole session was 100 minutes long.

One Sunday morning, on one of those duathlon bricks, I even detoured back via Prince Charles’s pied a Terre (just to the North of the map, to see if he wanted to go for a run. The policeman wasn’t amused. I guess our future King prefers running alone? I’ve also asked Mo Farah a couple of times and he wouldn’t run with me either…maybe I smell? or something?

Link to my stuff: A typical Mo Training Week (allegedly).

I had a bit of a PITA gadget day. My Suunto Spartan Sport refused to play ball and it required a total reset before I could get it to work at all and thence to pair it with STRYD (don’t forget it now works properly as a footpod that transmits power with SPARTANs). Then I managed to get the new RunScribes to pair with the new Garmin Vivoactive 3 (review in all its “glory” #irony) but the Vivoactive failed to pick up any of the RunScribe metrics. Oh dear.

On a more positive note: I bought some coffee with the Fitbit Ionic. Things are looking up.

Yes every endurance gadget blog in the next few years is going to bore you senseless with meaningless drivel about the NFC payments that everyone else uses.

Despite having to dislocate my shoulder in order to pay at Starbucks it was a relatively painless process. Obviously, Fitbit in the UK negotiated a deal with Starling Bank before HSBC. It’s good to see they have their priorities well organised. Now me and those 5 other Starling Bank Customers can use our Ionics all throughout London to pay for stuff at ‘selected’ retailers. Read a little bit more in the Fitbit Ionic Review.

Bye for now. Off to the fireworks for some ‘fun’ #irony.

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