Monday ! Must be long run & RunScribe Plus day

Yes obviously Monday is long run day. And it was rude not to also make it a ‘general gadget and RunScribe‘ day too.

I decided to venture to pastures new. Hence my decision to test the tracks in Crane Park.

I have ‘done’ Crane Park parkrun before and have visited it on a few occasions for pleasure but today was the first time I’d run there from home. Hence the long run aka “it’s further away than I thought“. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, so this run certainly felt harder than it should have done coming on the back of lots of consecutive days of ‘stuff’.

Shot Tower – Used to make gunSHOT powder back in the day

I didn’t quite run the course of the parkrun but it was near enough. Crane Park is not overly pretty on an Autumn/Fall day but can be nice in the summer and worth a visit to see the Shot Tower and ‘wetland’ nature reserve. Occasionally the local oiks poison the fish but that’s another story. Assuming the water hasn’t been poisoned, it’s an exciting place for kids to play in summer…#sigh.

I broke all my rules on aesthetics and ventured out of the house with 4 watches adorning my arms: SPARTAN SPORT BARO; Polar V800 BARO; Garmin Vivoactive 3 BARO; and the Garmin 235. A strange combo perhaps?

I had the RunScribe PLUS pods on each heel and STRYD on my laces.

I know you won’t be interested but I also used the Flipbelt to carry my phone/key and had a pair of Injinji socks on – the ones that have fingers like gloves, they’re pretty cool actually. Good for blister prevention. Really good.

The BARO performed well as I followed only a small part of a very large course I’d loaded on to it earlier in the day. Although I suppose it wasn’t much of a challenge really.

As you can see, below, all the fancy RunScribe metrics found their insightful way onto Garmin Connect later when I got back home.

From a DIFFERENT RUN ENTIRELY here are the metrics that STRYD shoots out into Garmin Connect.

stryd metrics in garmin connect

The Vivoactive really wasn’t playing ball. So I don’t have anything of note from that at all.

The old and wizened 235 had the beta datafield for RunScribe which seemed to have numbers displaying on the screen when I looked. Sorry, I should have paid closer attention to see if they looked sensible at the time. My excuse is that I was either admiring the scenery or looking at the route on the other wrist. The RunScribe POWER numbers generally seem a bit higher than those from STRYD but I’ll look at that in more detail on another day, I’m not particularly concerend by the magnitude of difference but rather if the ups and downs follow each other and also if they follow Garmin’s Running Power numbers too of course. That should be fun.




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