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I suspect my regular reader has little interest in the 5k- and duathlon-plans found on this site and the duathlon training I also undertake. However I’ve added a sneaky little feature to “the” 5k plan which indicates the age graded difficulty of 30 second incremental improvements to your 5k time. I’d been meaning to do it for a while, I know it’s not rocket science but I don’t think any running calculator produces quite the same thing in one iteration.

The current plan is based mostly around what I think are properly calculated paces/speeds at varying durations and repeats. But there are also token nods to rebasing those efforts based on RPE and, to a lesser extent, HR zones.

The 5k training plan started out as a sub20 5k training plan and was later expanded and automated to a degree. Later versions may well take into account the difficulties of various courses and performances. Some first steps towards that are partly indicated in the recent table of parkrun difficulties on this site (link to: the5krunner.com)

Here is a link to “the” plan if you know anyone who wants their training structuring. It helps the blog a little and it also should help the future development of the plan. Thank you.

5k Training Plan | Sub 19, 21, 24 | running 6 12 weeks, parkrun

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