Garmin Forerunner and Edge Price Falls mirror earlier Fenix falls

Garmin Edge 820Garmin prices seem to be tumbling today.

Earlier we had some notable price falls in the Fenix range (link to: of $100 or £50

There were earlier falls on the Epix. So listed below are the deals on the Forerunner 235, Forerunner 735XT, Epix, Edge 820, Edge 520 and Edge 1000 Bundle price.

There may posisbly still be some more downwards movement on these towards black Friday (or not). But they are at a pretty good price right now.

There were other relatively token Garmin falls elsewhere eg the 935 and 920XT. The chances of a GREAT deal on the 920XT I would hope would come on Black Friday.

$20-$200 off various Garmin Devices


Lesser deals at Amazon in the UK (Amazon)

Note there seems to be a delay on the UK ad prices, below. Eg click through the £499 ad to find a real £449 price.

Thank you for helping to support this blog by buying at using the links below. Your call. You get great customer service either way. However I think it’s best to help the smaller guys sometimes.

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