Newton Running Shoe sale PLUS the5krunner 10% discount – Gravity, Distance, Kona, MV3

Newton Gravity 6 Running shoeFor all you UK-based Newton running shoe devotees there are some rather silly prices at NewRunningGear to celebrate Single’s Day in China (wiki: Guanggun Jie  … now you know).

Prices start at £40 (less 10%) for the MV3

Hey! Who cares about the reason. They’re good prices AND THERE IS A FURHTER 10% off the sale price with the code: “gravitytfk10” which, by my maths, woudl make the MV3 shoes come in at £36.

There’s a review of the NEWTON GRAVITY 6 (here).


10% off at NewRunningGear in the UK

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Clicks through to NEWTON page on new for 10% off *USE CODE*: GRAVITYTFK10

For those of you who want the Amazon links here they are:












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