Garmin CIQ 2.4 This week and then…

It looks like Garmin’s new version of CIQ will hit the streets soon with v2.4. Here’s a nice chart from Garmin with some annotations from me. The chart shows  which devices support CIQ 2.4 as of 18Nov2017.

CIQ 2.4 aikido biker monkey

Once CIQ2.4 been rolled out to all “Biker Monkey” devices it will be time for the Running Watches to be able to download and run the Running Power app (probably a few more weeks time). Because running power is for running. Right?

Oh. Wait a minute. That must mean that the ForeRUNNER 230 and the ForeRUNNER 235 and the ForeRUNNER 630 won’t support RUNning power as they all have the old v1 of CIQ. That’s a bit of an oversight 😉 Actually the ForeRUNNER 735XT won’t get it either as it lacks a bit of internal hardware (barometer).

  • Q: So that means the Running Power app will just work on the Fenix 5 range before Christmas?
  • A: Yep. (vivoactive 3 too)

Hmmmm. What else could happen?

Suggestions below. I’m stumped. But ‘whatever might happen’ it won’t clash with Black Friday/Cyber Monday. And you’d have thought that whatever could happen, should happen before Christmas. I’ll have to go and think about it. Actually I’m going to listen to a few Christmas jingles on my Fitbit Ionic….that’s a sports watch that can be used for running but also plays onboard music. It would be good if Garmin could do that too. Maybe they’ll release a Forerunner 644 or Forerunner 646? Perhaps one with music and one without? Nah. That DEFINATELY won’t happen.


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6 thoughts on “Garmin CIQ 2.4 This week and then…

  1. the VA3 and Forerunner 935 among other non-running watches on your list (S60, D2 etc) will also get running power as they have barometers.

    I’d have thought the new Forerunners would be out before Christmas, but what do I know? Maybe in the Northern Hemisphere the busy shopping season for running watches is in the late winter/early spring as things warm up enough for people to venture outside in large numbers. That might be Garmin’s experience with the Fenix, which always gets an update in January/February.

    1. 935 is fenix 5, etc
      i’ve added the va3, ty. I realised my mistake as i was forced to watch strictly on catchup (thinking about more important things). (edit) although the va3 can’t support the rd pod but might be able to via ciq2.4…confusing.
      the spanner in the works is that there are big running watch sales volumes in early spring to target. but i still agree with you on the pre-xmas timing

  2. Seems highly unlikely that there will be further product announcements this year. It’s definitely too late for Christmas.

      1. FWIW, per DCR responding to a question about upcoming garmin releases: “Generally speaking for all consumer tech, once you cross the first full week of November, there’s rarely any further announcements of any companies new products. That’s like the point of no return till CES (early January).

        I don’t expect any new products between now and CES, aside from already announced products.”

      2. yes i saw that.
        Ray could be wrong of course. I would agree that a release next week would be a NOVEL marketing ploy
        the leaked pictures came from a retail shop…which IMPLIES (but does not guarantee) imminent release.
        etc etc

        either way tho we will find out next week.

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