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The Black Friday deal for STRYD in the USA is $300 for two STRYD units ie $150each…but you have to buy two.

STRYD Link: (click here to go to with discount automatically applied). Thank you for supporting this site.

The USAoffer closes on November 27, 2017 at 11:59PM MT.

The UK Black Friday deal is likely to be bundled in with a sports watch purchase. Or you can get 10% off with the normal tfk10 code, below.

More deals for other products listed HERE.

For one last check on the STRYD review….

STRYD Review 2020 🥇 STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter Footpod, Detailed

Price, Availability & Discount Code

I partner directly with STRYD in the USA and their distributor New Running Gear in the EU. Clicking on the images below takes you through to whatever current deal on STRYD there is at any given time in the USA/Canada. Thank you! Sometimes STRYD is sold on Amazon.

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Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Rarely on Amazon and usually over $/£/Eu200. Buying from my partners supports this site
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Stryd’s website kind of sucks. I can’t even find the price for a single one without going through the ordering process. You can’t order one without selecting a free book you want (I don’t want)! I just left the site at that point.


Come on, the price of this footpod needs to come down. If they can sell 2 for 300USD, they can sell 1 for 150USD…
Or else they just need to cripple it, only give pace with it, forget about power, price it at 100 USD and they would sell tons of them as a footpod-pace-only thingy…
Have watched it for long, but wont push the button until this gets to a more reasonable pricing.
Quite frankly, the super added value of Stryd is the spot-on real time pace, not the power algorithm (that Garmin is also deploying for free btw).
Can you make these people come to their senses? thx!


I have to agree. $150 for one would be way more compelling. The deal they are offering on two isn’t a deal if you don’t know anyone else that wants to split with you. Anybody else in Bend OR want to go in 50/50?