Garmins I like

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vectorI’ve been a little negative about some Garmin devices recently. And I think understandably negative in all cases.

For a bit of balance here are “The Garmins I Like”. Not necessarily ‘Use’ but rather ‘Like’

I reckon they are all good enough to spend your hard-earned money on.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Review Buy Price SaleGarmins that are not in that list are not there for a reason (or two…or three)

Specifically the ONE thing that I really like about Garmin devices is this: I have to manually upload workout files for my own usage, otherwise all the data gets confused and messes up my stuff. So I can attach newer Garmins as a MASS STORAGE device and import/export/copy the evenings away…really easily. That’s the one Garmin thing that tickles my fancy.

The other thing that Garmin shares with some other enlightened vendors is that they realise that continually re-pairing Bluetooth devices that don’t always pair first time is a BIG PITA. It’s just C((*%P (I don’t swear on this blog but the Bluetooth issue drives me VERY, VERY close to swearing). Well, it is a PITA for me – it’s OK enough for most people if you pair a Bluetooth device once and forget about it (assume the pairing holds and you don’t want to use it paired to other devices as well). So ANT+ is great for me and I can also store power meter data (or other data) on a backup device really easily too with ANT+ transmission.


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