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oura ring review

The new Oura Ring marks a big step forwards for the Finnish activity-tech firm.

The takeaway: Oura already make a ‘wearable’ that actually works!  Indeed its sleep tracking is one of the best solutions available to consumers/athletes. This one should be good too.

I will follow up with a more detailed review inthe new year but for now here are some of the headline changes.

What’s New in the New Oura Ring?


There are significant developments all round, notably to: the design; the app and cloud; and, to a lesser extent, the functional specifications. ie What it does is broadly similar to before but it looks different.


From the imagery, I prefer the new design. I’ll get my hands on one in the new year.

  • More conventional ‘band’ format to the shape
  • 3 Collections
    • Heritage – slight flat face design – (Silver, Black, Rose, ‘Stealth’ colours)
    • Balance – slight pointy design – (Silver, Black, Rose colours)
    • Balance Diamond – with real diamonds – (Silver colour)

oura ring review comparison specifications

App & Cloud

  • New look app design
  • Online dashboard has a team/group view of multiple participants


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All 3 collections have the same specifications. There are some physical improvements over the existing Oura Ring.

  • Improved battery life of up to a week
  • Wireless charging
  • Improved temperature sensor to 0.05deg accuracy
  • Smaller form
  • Tracks activity as well as sleep. Does NOT track activity to athletic levels of accuracy. DOES track sleep to HRV levels of accuracy. No HRV during activity.
  • Water resistant certified to 50m but up to 200m in internal tests.
  • Chronotype detection and Circadian alignment guidance
  • Sleep Improvement Programs (Q3.2018)
  • Inner ring material is non-allergenic, outer ring is super-light titanium

Prices, Discount & Availability


Available to pre-order NOW with shipping in April 2018

These are the discounted prices with the code ‘the5krunner10’ valid until 31 March 2018, which give $75/75€ discount (ie 20-30%)

  • 299 USD / 314 €: Balance Silver, Balance Black, Heritage Silver, Heritage Black
  • 399 USD / 419 €: Balance Rose, Heritage Rose, Heritage Stealth
  • 999 USD / 1049 €: Balance Diamond.


Available only directly from:


oura ring review comparison specifications Oura Ring Review

We can’t yet show you a review of the New Oura Ring as it will not be available until April 2018. However the functionality of the ring and the app is the same but the aesthetics are different (I’d say better).

You could read the Oura Ring Review of the previous model to get a flavour, see here:

OURA Ring Review – #1 Sleep Tracker + Activity


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