Cycle On Water – You Know you Want To

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Hey, Jesus walked on water. You can now cycle on water.

Just when you thought you had exhausted all the ways to annoy fishermen when lake swimming you now have a potential extra tool in your arsenal of inconsideration.


This idea superficially sounds a bit naff. But after watching the video from Manta5 I thought “Weeeeeell, I suppose I’d give it a go.” It comes pre-packed with a 400w e-bike motor so the motor is probably what is making them go that fast in the video rather than leg power. I further suppose that kids would love it.

OK. OK. It might, just might, even look fun.

There. I said it.

Their lake is a bit flat but I guess, one day, it might make some form of wave surfing a bit easier than the real thing. Surfing is hard, IMO, if you’ve never tried it. Although maybe the jet ski has already been invented.

It has.

Edit. Maybe this was what I really wanted for my next trip to Cornwall or Jeffrey’s Bay?


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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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