Christmas List – All I want For Christmas is…

oura ring review


I’ve already got world peace, health and happiness. So what more could be on that age-old Christmas List?

These really would be on my fantasy list (I emphasise the word fantasy):

  • At £5500 I would love a Cervelo R5 Dura Ace 9100 Road Bike 2018 (link to Sigma sport, non affiliate, just for the heck of it).
  • That’s too much of my imaginary rich uncle’s ill-gotten gains. So I’ll have to go for a sale item instead at £1500++. I’ll take a ‘this year model’ like the Zipp Super-9 Clincher Disc Road Rear Wheel 2017 (link to chain reaction, non affiliate)
  • Naturally a $600 PowerTapG3 hub (link to:, 10% discount on most stuff with the5krunner10 code 😉 ) might find its way in the disc – I assume that’s compatible…not checked. And I might need a spare PowerTap for a day-to-day road wheel. Not much to ask for?
  • On the gadget front I’ve got all I need, I suppose. It might be fun to get an Edge 1030. I do NOT plan to get one but would love to moan about the touchscreen if I did. I’ve got bored about moaning about the Edge 820’s rubbish touchscreen. Although, on that note, I went into the aforesaid SigmaSport and had a play with the display models of each of the 820/1030…their touchscreens seemed OK. VERY different feel. Very strange.
  • I’m not too bothered about the Forerunner 645 that ‘may or may not’ be announced on December 8th. I’d be more interested in the 245 if it looks like a real sports watch…which it probably won’t.
  • Actually the ONE thing that I probably will get will be a PR/Loan of Hammerhead’s Karoo. I’m apparently on a list somewhere but probably behind Cycling Gadgets Weekly…or someone else who will have conveniently ‘lost it’ by the time my turn comes round.
  • As something to make my cycling life easier I would love some Shimano Di2s. Electornic shifting always sounds very modern and I’ve always been a bit old school. Then again I am getting laughed at quite a lot by ‘friends’ as I clunk through my gears. That might then force me to move to 11-speed cassettes too? That’s 8 more gears than my existing Sturmley Archers 😉

So back to the real world. Things that I really hope to get (aka I know as I bought them for me for others to give to me…sigh) and also some things that I’ve splashed out on this year that are actually quite good and inexpensive that I suppose I am recommending by putting in this list.

  • I’m actually getting one of these believe it or not.

This will definately recharge 10 cycling head units whilst en-route to somewhere over a 5 day trip without electricity. Actually I bought it as my car’s battery is going through a rubbish phase in its life and it looks like it’s also a portable USB charging stick (brick)


  • Injinji socks – these are gloves for your feet to run in. Super cool way to significantly reduce those blisters from long runs. Not cheap. Anywhere.

Injinji Running Socks – Finally curing the running socks debacle

  • A new strap – I pimped my 235 to become an imaginary 635 with a change of strap. It made me happy, don’t knock it!

  • STRYD – yeah, sorry. It has to go in the list. Although RunScribe is pretty cool. With RunScribe I’ve been looking at IMPACT forces across different shoes that I use regularly. My least favourite shoes have the lowest impact and might explain why I don’t get injured when I wear them. I think RunScribe have developed a massive database of how shoes affect injuries on certain types of runner. That should be a gold mine for some friendly VC out there.


RunScribe Pro Review – Old Model (v2)


▷ STRYD Review 2019 | The STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter, Footpod, Detailed Look (Updated)


▷ Garmin 935 Review – The Best Forerunner Tri Watch

  • Wahoo Elemnt (Review) – Probably the Best Cycling Computer (overall), in my opinion. I’ve finally made the switch and use the larger Elemnt 90% of the time and indoors I use the smaller  Bolt 8% of the time and ‘other’ stuff (2%) other times. Figures approximate, but you get the drift. I like the ‘proper’ cycling device nature of the Elemnt. It’s a tool and not a toy. I’m talking Draper not Silverline…DIYers will understand the analogy.

▷ Wahoo Elemnt Review :: Wahoo Bolt Review


  • Swimming. I have some interesting swim toys coming for next year. But they are not for this Christmas. More to follow on that later. So what do I say for swimming??? I’ve got some nice big TYR paddles and I like the occasional buoyancy trunk escapade. The HRM-TRI is pretty good if you haven’t got one. Other than that I’m still waiting for the perfect pair of goggles to be invented.


▷ Garmin HRM-TRI Review – Triathlon’s Greatest Heart Rate Monitor


  • Maybe someone could treat you to a STRAVA premium membership? That’s a handy thing to use some of cycling’s more advanced head unit features. I do get the occasional free 3 month premium membership for the5krunner but, to be honest, I never bother enabling them unless I do a review. I’m not sure I have enough time for STRAVA. Plus, the real reasons, I think that ALL of my obscure KOM/QOMs have now gone. Grrrrr. (I use STRAVA a little as ‘me’ and would pay for my own premium membership…if I had one)


STRAVA Premium – Hmmmm. Interesting Freebie


  • A Training Peaks membership could be good too. I might use that to create and sync workouts to the Elemnts now that I have mostly figured out how to do it in TP! But the more unusual membership would be for XERT. It’s a thought-provoking platform based loosely on your Maximum Power Available, sort of, rather than FTP. It made me think about power in a more nuanced way than I previously had.

Maximal Power Available (MPA) and Time-to-Exhaustion (TTE) – XERT CIQ apps (Garmin Connect IQ)

  • Oooh! Having just inserted that link for Xert I see it mentions 2XU, I realise that I do have a new pair of 2XU compression tights coming. I just think they look cool and mostly keep me warm. I got these as they have a pocket on the rear. That will probably dig into my back after 2 hours but I think the local burglars have figured out I would otherwise leave my key ‘under the plant pot by the door’

If you can wait for a cople of weeks I should be able to offer some discounts on KYMIRA Performance Compression gear. Let’s see.

  • Running Shoes.I don’t know where I’m going with this aspect of my training kit. I’m not going to write my Waverider 21 review this year and have been favouring New Balance (as mentioned earlier). I’ve tried the adidas Boston and only half got on with those. Further suggestions welcomed.

Mizuno Wave Rider Review – Detailed view of Waverider (* 20 *, 21, 22 similarities)


  • This is pretty cool at £140ish. Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet Black (link to: sigma sport again, non affiliate). Maybe as low as £125 if you REALLY shop around.
  • Sungod Sunglasses – Relatively cheap cycling-specific glasses. Lots of ventilation. They have discounts periodically but I guess not now before Xmas. The SunGod PaceBreaker version is the one for cycling.

SUNGOD PaceBreakers REVIEW – Sports-Specific Performance Sunglasses – Running – Cycling – Triathlon

  • The new Oura Ring might be good on pre-order as a present (?). I’ve not got hold of one yet (Q1.2018). The current model is pretty cool for HRV sleep tracking. They have super-accurate temperature sensing which I think can also be used to predict fertility. Another alternative for sleep tracking is EMFIT.

New Oura Ring

Bit of a boring present I suppose. Having said that I REALLY have just bought a heated bed sheet. How sad! (But WARM!)

▷ EMFIT REVIEW Overnight Sleep Tracker | HRV Athletes | Strap-Free


Happy Christmas. I hope you get world peace too, although it’s looking less likely by the day.

All together now:

Deck the halls with balls of holly…

Tra la la la la la la la la.












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“Garmin 935 Review – I’m already on my second one. If you can afford it then it really is the best triathlon watch. Albeit the wrong shape.”

I audibly laughed out loud at the “wrong shape.” I think the Sportwatch industry is secretly the Grinch and will never go back to square-faced watches.

But who knows? The V800 replacement might go square…well more square as the v800 is more a rectangle.


I do understand why you’d prefer a square watch for training … but as an average consumer at the low-end of the running spectrum, I’m quite happy with their decision of going round-shaped. In the 23.5 hours/day when I’m not running i couldn’t wear a square watch.


About Stryd… check out this one (it’s in german, but with Google translate it should be pretty understandable):


Hi t5kr, long time reader, first time poster. Not sure where else to ask this, but hope my question seemed somewhat appropriate here as I’m trying to decide on a power meter gift for myself. My question is whether you think I would benefit more from dual-sided running power meters (i.e., RunScribe Plus) or a dual-sided bike power meter (e.g., PowerTap P1).

Just some background about myself. I’m mostly a runner (most marathons, but I do do trail running and plan to get into some ultra running in 2018). I cycle and swim for cross-training and dab a little in triathlons as a result.

I realize this isn’t much info to go off of, but hoping you could just give me your gut feeling about which would benefit me more. If money were no object, I’d get both, but alas I don’t have a money tree or a golden goose. I know that since I’m mostly a runner the RunScribe Plus might seem like a no brainer, but I’m a bit uncertain since it doesn’t measure force directly like cycling power meters. Hope you don’t mind entertaining my question.