Christmas List – All I want For Christmas is…

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I’ve already got world peace, health and happiness. So what more could be on that age-old Christmas List?

These really would be on my fantasy list (I emphasise the word fantasy):

So back to the real world. Things that I really hope to get (aka I know as I bought them for me for others to give to me…sigh) and also some things that I’ve splashed out on this year that are actually quite good and inexpensive that I suppose I am recommending by putting in this list.

This will definately recharge 10 cycling head units whilst en-route to somewhere over a 5 day trip without electricity. Actually I bought it as my car’s battery is going through a rubbish phase in its life and it looks like it’s also a portable USB charging stick (brick)


Injinji Running Socks – Finally curing the running socks debacle


RunScribe Pro Review – Old Model (v2)


STRYD Review 2020 STRYD Bible | Running Power Meter Footpod, Detailed


Garmin 935 Review | The Best Forerunner Tri Watch

▷ Wahoo Elemnt Review :: Wahoo Bolt Review



▷ Garmin HRM-TRI Review – Triathlon’s Greatest Heart Rate Monitor



STRAVA Premium – Hmmmm. Interesting Freebie


Maximal Power Available (MPA) and Time-to-Exhaustion (TTE) – XERT CIQ apps (Garmin Connect IQ)

If you can wait for a cople of weeks I should be able to offer some discounts on KYMIRA Performance Compression gear. Let’s see.

Mizuno Wave Rider Review – Detailed view of Waverider (* 20 *, 21, 22 similarities)


Bit of a boring present I suppose. Having said that I REALLY have just bought a heated bed sheet. How sad! (But WARM!)

▷ EMFIT REVIEW Overnight Sleep Tracker | HRV Athletes | Strap-Free


Happy Christmas. I hope you get world peace too, although it’s looking less likely by the day.

All together now:

Deck the halls with balls of holly…

Tra la la la la la la la la.












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