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milestone pod strava app update

You could overlay your stats on an image of the scenery

Milestone POD have introduced new features to their app.

I put this old picture manually onto my phone where I had the Milestone POD’s app installed.

You could have just as easily have used a shot of the people you were running with or the scenery you saw! Might have been better 😉

At the end of your run, the app syncs data from your pod and then the app lets you overlay selected run-stats (Distance/pace/time, Runficiency Score, cadence, foot strike, rate of impact and leg swing) onto any chosen image. You can then send or share that as you wish!

Nice, I guess.

The app update also lets you sync your run to STRAVA or TP.

Milestone pointed out “Since the MilestonePod App update this past August, users have been able to use the Pod in real-time with the Strava app.

The Milestone FOOTPOD is normally cheaper than the Garmin alternative – less than $/£30 (10% off below in UK). It’s probably more accurate too. It’s only got a BLE connection though, which means that only recent high-end Garmins will be able to work with it. You could always use the Milestone POD app by itself with no watch as it caches the data and lets the app retrieve it later (no GPS tho!)

Milestone POD Review & Lots of Usage to follow


Prices tend to hover up to around US$/Eu/£30 and there is generally good stock although it did seem to sell out in May/June 2017.

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