ANT+ Signal Boosting

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Following on from modding my RunScribe I am working up some MoJo before I hit the track. Part of that process involves wasting a considerable amount of time looking at forums and discovering tidbits like this:

runscribe signal boost background
Source: RunScribe forum

This raised a few things in my mind

  1. RunScribe can effectively boost the signal by changing the Message Rate…cool!
  2. It makes sense that just broadcasting ANT+ means that a stronger signal might generally be possible. Might the future see us still having our BLE+ANT+ combo devices BUT also being able to turn off one of those channels to boost the other.
  3. Garmin Vector 3 – they are dual channel broadcast, I wonder what Garmin did here? I think this is their first venture into dual broadcast from a sensor?

PS Here’s how you do it in the beta app



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Great info, thank you!


That bar chart looks less like a CIQ issue handing the frequency (though they mention it directly that this has just cropped up) and more like Garmin Prioritizing their footpod over competitors.

Runscribe seems (to me) to be diplomatic in their response. I know the Ant+/BLE devices have to strike a balance….but do they? Seems to me Garmin was restricting the Ant+ channels baseline and finally just gave everyone the option to change it. That, and throwing up the the white flag on the construction/inept radio’s that came with the Fenix 5 line (and to a much lesser degree the 935).

Maybe i’m reading too much into it.