RunScribe – Wednesday Morning Signal Boost Escapade

Runscribe aluminium strips


My ANT+ signal-boosting kit arrived the other day. This morning I got out my toolkit (aka scissors) to install it.

There are well-known problems with the Fenix 5/5s (example: garmin forums, 44,000 views ). Dropped connectivity appears to happen with Garmin sensors as well as non-Garmin ANT+ sensors. Clearly it’s not Garmin’s fault and small companies like RunScribe should pay for resolving the problem. Errrrrr.

That’s what RunScribe seem to be doing with the apparently ingenious signal-boosting kit. You just cut a 40×3.5mm section of self-adhering aluminium strip and stick it to the side of the RunScribe pod. Thank you Tim & Co at RunScribe.

Definitely one of my easier jobs.

My last DIY escapade was changing and shortening a Shimano bike chain with the wrong tools which took over 45 minutes…40 minutes longer than this job.

“Will it work?” … I’ve no idea. I guess it’s been tested. All I can say is that the later run showed no apparent dropouts with the 235…not sure there were any dropouts bfore tho to be fair.

Runscribe plus Metric power beta


“If I stick a strip on my STAGES aluminium crank that also has reduced ANT+ connectivity will that work?” …. err NO. I doubt it very much.

I discussed the UNliklihood of a FEnix 5/5S recall here.

My moral compass doesn’t always mesh with everyone else’s but this situation looks clearly wrong to me. My solution is to repeatedly moan about it until nothing gets done.Β  πŸ™

RunScribe Plus – A Few Pictures, Review to follow LATER


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Ray Maker

What I want to try… sticking it on a Stryd to see if that resolves issues on the Fenix 5/5S…


I find it incredibly disappointing from Garmin that Ant+ doesn’t mean things work together (eg. Stages and 920XT). They blame others but it’s basically the standard that’s at fault. And Garmin own the standard!


Has nothing to do with the standard. Antenna design is hard: