Garmin Running Power – Pros & Cons

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Garmin have just released a new app, “Garmin Running Power”…let’s call it GRP for short.

This post will provide a bit of background but then specifically discuss the pros and cons of GRP compared to the competitor products STRYD and RunScribe (there are others but I wouldn’t consider them yet if I were you).

Why Power?

Training or racing by PACE is great; but doesn’t work too well on hills. Training or racing by HR is great; but there is a lag in the reaction of your HR to your effort by about 30 seconds. Training or racing by RPE is great; but usually it’s only the better athletes who can do it well.

Power gets around all of these drawbacks and is a proxy for effort

Benefits of a Running Power Meter

There are exactly 14 benefits from a running power meter. Not 13 and certainly not 15 😉 This link from Coach and Author JIM VANCE is written for STRYD but the benefits equally apply to GRP.

14 Ways a Power Meter Can Make You a Faster Runner – Running with Power from STRYD

I was sceptical at first. However with over a year of use (of STRYD) I have definitely benefited (& that means I am 100% sure) from: pacing on an undulating HM (or 3); hitting intensity targets on hill reps; relieving the occasional monotony of training by using something else to pace to; getting differently motivated to hit power-duration PBs. The latter probably sounds a bit weird but once you get into POWER…it’s pretty cool to play with power duration curves.





The Garmin Running Power apps really are cool. I like them. They are better implemented than the competition. However I have reservations about the power data itself. And that is a pretty big area to have reservations about.

If you already have the necessary kit then it is a ‘no brainer’ to try out GRP and see if you get any benefit from running with power – lots of people don’t; lots of people do !!.

I suspect the fall-out from the release of GRP will see that interested runners or casual runners will end up being the ones that use GRP on an ongoing basis. More serious runners/triathletes will probably end up using either RunScribe or STRYD.

Further Reading

Here is some bedtime reading for you: some delving deeper into GRP; some looking at it from a different perspective.

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