Tacx Magnum SMART – Coolest ever smart-bike-trainer-cum-running-treadmill

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This has to be the coolest ever smart trainer that’s also a treadmill. Well, it’s probably the only one ever.

How about a trainer that can take your bike as well as your feet when you want to go for a run?

The bike is TOTALLY free from any attachments to the trainer. Sensors adjust speed and incline by measuring your wheel position.

You can buy them in every country. Well, every country beginning with NETH (excluding Netherlands Antilles)…try here I can’t seem to find the price anywhere (but haven’t looked too hard)…it’s not going to be cheap. (Eu 8000, thanks Barrie, below)


Well, I thought it was a clever idea. So long as the sensors work…really well. Have a look at Pete Sagan at the end. I could just about bunny hop onto a trainer too.


Weight 150kg
Footprint 222,5×102,5cm
Height (incl. screen) 160cm
Incline range 0 – 15%
Incline adjustment Automatically & manually
Speed range 2,4 – 30km/h*
Speed adjustment Automatically & manually
Max. weight capacity 120kg (265lbs)
Firmware upgradable Yes


Communication ANT+ FE-C & Bluetooth Smart (open)
Data output (cycling) Speed, power
Data output (running) Speed, pace
Compatible devices (control) Desktop, tablet, smartphone / Control panel
Compatible software Tacx & 3rd party apps and software
Compatible devices (read only) Bike computer, sport watch


Safety 2 emergency stop buttons, safety cord
Compartments 2 on sides, 1 on front
Included Screen 32’, Tacx Cycling app,  ANT+ dongle




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