Garmin Running Power App – Lots of downloads?

It seems that 3,445 of you were indeed very curious about Garmin’s Running Power (GRP) app. Stats from Garmin Connect IQ store show 3445 downloads as of 18Dec2017 ie about 10 days after its initial release.

I’ve also noted a significant increase in the same period in STRYD-related and RunScribe-related page views on this site. Maybe that is a Christmas effect or maybe people are researching in more depth on Running Power in general?

As a proxy for STRYD sales, I keep a vague eye on STRYD’s data field downloads combined with other stats on this site; and they too have increased after the RELEASE of the Garmin app. Although, having said that, those same stats did show a quieting of interest after the INITIAL ANNOUNCEMENT a few months back.


It will be interesting to see how many downloads the Running Power app gets once the running season in spring 2018 gets underway. I’d imagine it will be quite a lot bearing in mind that there must be over half a million F5/935/Chronos devices already in use ie the ones that are GRP compatible. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the downloads of GRP go over 50,000. Let’s see.

Don’t forget, early 2018 will see a new and improved Fenix 5 plus version as well as a Forerunner 645…both will support GRP.

I’m still using GRP, STRYD and RunScribe power on most runs. I’ve decided to resort to a 2-watch solution as STRYD and GRP seem to be able to co-exist on the same Forerunner 935 and record power into two differently named power fields. This has the advantage that GRP can then use STRYD as a source of PACE which DOES increase the accuracy  GRP’s power figure. Another advantage is that I can have each of their power fields side-by-side – OK they show VERY different numbers but it will help me become more familiar with GRP’s responsiveness as well as how the two tracks together against each other

You can see in Garmin Connect, below, which apps are actively recording developer data into your FIT files…like this:


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3 thoughts on “Garmin Running Power App – Lots of downloads?

  1. I downloaded the Garmin Power apps because…well they are free. Do I have ANY intention of using them? Sure, as a comparison tool when the temperatures near me aren’t subarctic. I think i’m not alone in this either (minus the Polar temps). It’s free and people that run that own a Garmin watch that supports this would download it for the sake of just having it.

    The way I see it, You can spend $80-$125 on a HRM-Tri/HRM-Run to accompany your watch and get running power or spend $200 and use stryd standalone (not many I think do this) or spend the same amount and use it with your watch (plus more for the strap). It comes down to how much metrics are worth to you and how much faith you have in one system or another right?

    1. i think there are different scenarios for different people.
      if it’s cold then chances are you won’t be using your oHR and be able to see your HR on your watch ouride on N layers of clothing. so the hrm-tri must be an easy purchase.
      so there will be lots of people who just try it out for whatever reason…for you, sounds like a no brainer.
      I think my interest lies in ” how many STRYD/RunSCribe sales are canibalised by this freebie OR/& how much does this freebie grow the market for STRYD/RunSCribe?” – i think it will grow the market in themedium to long terms
      My interest also lies in “which system GRP/STRYD/Runscribe is an adequate tool for training by power” – only STRYD seems able to do this right now IMO.

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