Santa: You messed up there buddy

Well, well well. Santa didn’t quite wrap up all the presents did he? Naughty Santa.

Obviously I wasn’t wandering around the house on my own with a camera just for the fun of it. (Obviously 🙂 ). I just wanted a good rummage through what Santa had left earlier in the day. It seemed rude not to. We have Amazon Santa-Prime so it all comes earlier than normal here (I think ?). Either that, or Santa is not real…which would be a ludicrous thing to say. So I am NOT going to say it.

It is VERY clear to me, below, that either Santa or his elves forgot to wrap up the Shimano Di2 Junction (B) box. Very clear. Crystal clear. I even gave it a shake and there was something inside.

Shimano Di2

So it looks increasingly likely that I may never have to fiddle with a gear cable again in my life. It’s possible, of course, that this could be a joke present. Just one small jigsaw piece of the Di2 puzzle with the rest to follow in installments over the next few years of birthdays and Christmases (pl. Christmi ?). I have friends/relations who really would do that and that probably would be the highlight of their whole Christmas week. Sad. But also sadly true.

It’s possible, of course, that the Harry Potter Tarnumhang (4841) could be in my stocking. Again. I don’t think so. I like JK Rowling. But not that much.

This also explains numerous recent emails from, so-called, friends after rides. The comments were along the lines of ‘Hurry up Slowy-wowy gear changer’…but a lot funnier. Cleary a poorly disguised attempt to get me to long for the Di2 that all my mates have. And then to be super grateful on the big day itself.

Moving on to the next present.

I bought the stuff, below, for me. And I’m going to pretend it’s from Santa. It’s a Specy drop bar and a USE tri bar. I have grandiose plans of building ONE bike from those parts with some of those new-fangled round chain rings. Apparently they might catch on instead of those oval ones?


What could possibly go wrong.?

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