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These are my top 6 posts for the year. I’ve weighted the visiting stats based on the age of the post ie newer posts get a higher weighting as they have had less time to bask in the glory of their supposed success. I’ve also excluded a few posts that have done well for relatively obscure reasons…mainly becuase they are probably of no interest to you!. The posts below are an interesting bunch nevertheless and, in no particular order, here they are:

Pontifications about the future of endurance sports tech

These were predictions for 2017 made in 2016 but actually read by you all in 2017. Hence it was strangely a top post for this year rather than last year! Maybe you were checking up on me and my predictions? Oh well ! I had hoped you’d instead read this one about the dark clouds on the horizon for 2018.

2017: The year of the Garmin – Sports Watch MARKET predictions for an exciting year – not just for Garmin

Massive Surprise

The inclusion of my in-depth look at the Fenix 5 series was, of course, not a surprise inclusion in the top posts of the year list. Many of you scoured the net for different views on Garmin’s latest, greatest device and some of you found this review.

At the expense of affiliate revenues, I foolishly tried to be super-honest-cum-negative in this review. At least honesty should hopefully lead to longer-term loyalty (maybe). The Fenix 5 review then also gave me something else to write about in this popularish post about the problems of being honest in reviews. Unfortunately for the non-readers of this site, my slightly negative slant seemed to be even more accurate than I had envisaged. Perhaps it should have been MORE negative about the 5 and 5s? I subsequently had to go on to discuss whether or not the Fenix 5 and 5s should be recalled because of connectivity issues.

the Garmin Fenix 7 Review ☀️ Hype? Or Best Ever? Solar too

Polar Makes The List

Whilst Garmin-related content generally gets more readers engaged, I have also noted a significant loyal following of everything that Polar is doing. Consequently this rather boring Polar comparison table plus commentary was super-well viewed.

I would have taken some more satisfaction for this Polar comparison making the list had I at least prettied up the comparison table nad added a series of witty comments. But I didn’t.


Polar M430 vs M400 Vs M600 Specifications & Comparison

Another Garmin Suprise…Not

There is a lot of interest in 2018’s CES announcement of Garmin’s Forerunner 645. All the detailed specs of the Garmin 645 have been well and truly leaked (eg here compared to the 630/235 and here compared to the 735XT and 935) but nevertheless there are lots of you runners out there waiting….wiating…waiting to ditch your 630 in favour of something new. There have been quite a few separate 645 leaks over the last few months and so I can only apologise that you have all had your credit cards in your hands for several months waiting to use and abuse them with your next Garmin purchase. Don’t worry…your time will come.

Forerunner 245, 645 and Fenix 5 PLUS – sort of confirmed by Garmin Running Power announcement

The Original the5krunner

This post remains surprisingly popular and reflects some of the content I produced when I originally started this blog. It’s not one of my favourites from that era (but you guys like it!) and instead I much prefer the much less read 100 tips to run a faster 5k this weekend – that’s a far more useful post, albeit somewhat controversial at times.

a Sub 20 parkrun – how long will it take me to run 5k in less than 20 minutes?


Polar Again


Polar’s new H10 chest strap is pretty cool. But, at the end of the day, it’s only a chest strap. Albeit a good one whose features may offer tantalising glimpses into next year’s hoped-for V800 replacement. Nevertheless many of you read and re-read the H10 review in all it’s detail. Polar’s optical armband, the confusingly similarly named Polar OH1, was also reasonably well read but I would have thought the novelty of that product would have led to higher levels of engagement. But it didn’t.

Polar H10 Review (2022 update) ❤️ Comparisons, Polar’s Greatest HRM


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9 thoughts on “Top Posts In 2017

  1. “Polar Makes the list”

    I am hoping that Polar IS the list in 2018. Enough with the Garmingasms (funny, no spellcheck for that..) let’s get a competitor out there. If not Polar–Suunto then.

    Good year though. Cheers and Happy 2018!

      1. I was told to “stayed tuned” in regards to CES by Polar (Via Twitter).

        That could mean nothing, that could mean something, but of course the market will come into focus after CES.

      2. I don’t normally get the Polar announcements until about a week before the publication date. so i guess it could come next week. of course then i won’t be able to tell you as they are under NDA 🙁

      3. When you get the announcement (which is NDA) are you allowed, if asked, to say that you can‘t talk about it (as you‘re under NDA)? Or would that already void the NDA? ? If yes, we could ask you about news, and if we don’t get any answer, we know that there’s an announcement. ?

      4. Dear The5krunner,

        I developed music for runners with an initial grant from NIKE. We can match any stride frequency. If you email me I will send you a sample at your bpm running pace. This all complements the Polar Watch. Kindest regards, James Sundquist

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