New EMFIT HRV Monitor System

EMFIT QS has been upgraded to include new sensors that can be embedded into mattresses. This is a development from the previous system (reviewed below) that allowed the sensor to reside underneath the mattress – whilst still working ! I use one myself.

The new sensor is advertised to be sensitive enough to distinguish between the heart beats of two users in the bed.

Source: EMFIT


▷ EMFIT REVIEW Overnight Sleep Tracker | HRV Athletes | Strap-Free


Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. $279 or £234 and UNlikely to fall in 2018. Buying from my partners supports this site

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If the new product is to be embedded into mattresses then it won’t be for consumers directly?


There will be a new update to the product I just don’t know when. Here is what I found in the press release.

For individuals

Emfit is launching its upgraded sensor technology to provide more stability when monitoring movement and breathing readings for one individual when two people share a bed. The flex-material sensor pad slides easily under the mattress for comfortable contact-free sleep. Emfit’s sensors have been used in numerous scientific studies. These sensors provide highly accurate readings for:
• Heart rate
• Heart rate variability
• Time in bed, bed exits and returns
• Sleep time
• Stages of sleep (deep, light, REM, total)
• And more

EMFIT QS upgrades include:
• Designed for smart home integration, monitoring room temperature and humidity
• Added Bluetooth for easier initial Wi-Fi setup and use during travel
• Autonomous – no app, software or phone required; no batteries to charge; data is stored in a secure cloud server
• Dashboard can be easily shared as desired, with comprehensive visual graphs.
• 10-hour minimum buffer memory expandable with micro SD card to store longer periods of data
• USB-C allows data output to other peripherals, also from cloud.


Yes there is also a new updated sensor that will be included for manufacturers as you mentioned.


You know what could be useful? A list of all the sleep aid/trackers that are out there. (ignoring wearable trackers that are focused on other things like fitbit and garmin devices or things everyone does like white noise machines) with the basic metrics they try to track (HR, movement, breathing, etc) and/or how they try to help you sleep (sunrise/sunset simulators, audio cues (think, sleep shepherd), Somnox’s sleep robot, etc)

Does seem strange that the device that help you sleep don’t work together with tracking devices. So thinking I’ll need a Somnox sleep robot and EMFIT