Wahoo TICKR FIT Accuracy and a mystery watch

Garmin 935 Wahoo Tickr Fit

Not shown with mystery watch 😉

I’ve used the Wahoo TICKR-FIT optical HRM STRAP a few times but mostly for aerobic runs and really had nothing of any interest to report in terms of accuracy. All looks good so far.

But today I decided to invent a test as I needed a more challenging run in any case. And this seemed as good as anything.

  • Warmup
  • 20′ comfortably hard
  • Then immediately stop
  • 4′ a bit harder
  • Then immediately stop
  • 1′ max
  • then jog recovery
  • 1′ max (this still seemed to deliver a HR that was a fair way short of my HRmax. Perhaps a few more repeated minute efforts are needed)
  • Then immediately stop
  • Finish

Optical HR seems to broadly work for longer slower aerobic runs from most brands these days. It’s the harder running intervals and non-running sports where the problems start.

As you can see the Wahoo TICKR-FIT performed, admirably well, as expected. So I still have nothing of any interest to report. All looks good so far.



I also wore a Polar OH1 (reviewed here) but I must have forgot to start the caching. So no data. Oh well.


The TICKR-X was paired to a mystery sports watch via Bluetooth (not the 935 as shown above) – as yet totally unannounced or leaked anywhere. More exciting news to follow on that in a couple of weeks – it’s only a little bit interesting, so stay tuned but don’t get overly excited.



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9 thoughts on “Wahoo TICKR FIT Accuracy and a mystery watch

  1. The watch is such a mystery it defies both time and relative dimension in space.

    Confirmed: The watch is a TARDIS.

    Though, I am glad the tickr fit is solid. I don’t have much of a problem with my chest strap, but all the new OHRM seem like a good alternative for the lower intensity activities. For example–the mrs and I tend to go for 5-8 mile walks during the warmer months here. I will sometimes just use the OHRM on the watch, but it isn’t all that reliable (my heart rate…sticks) and I feel wearing the chest strap for data is a tad overkill, but a arm band that does it well…sure. I am just waiting for the final breakdowns between the 3 big OHRM out right now. Accuracy over everything else is important to me.

    • Not really bothered about what the watch might be but interesting thoughts on the HR monitor. I’m also quite happy with my chest strap (HRM-Run 4) but won’t wear it for a hike or even a bike ride. Besides the mrs could use it for running as her Vivoactive HR is useless. Too bad the Polar is BT only.

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