Wahoo TICKR FIT Accuracy and a mystery watch

Garmin 935 Wahoo Tickr Fit
Not shown with mystery watch 😉

I’ve used the Wahoo TICKR-FIT optical HRM STRAP a few times but mostly for aerobic runs and really had nothing of any interest to report in terms of accuracy. All looks good so far.

But today I decided to invent a test as I needed a more challenging run in any case. And this seemed as good as anything.

  • Warmup
  • 20′ comfortably hard
  • Then immediately stop
  • 4′ a bit harder
  • Then immediately stop
  • 1′ max
  • then jog recovery
  • 1′ max (this still seemed to deliver a HR that was a fair way short of my HRmax. Perhaps a few more repeated minute efforts are needed)
  • Then immediately stop
  • Finish

Optical HR seems to broadly work for longer slower aerobic runs from most brands these days. It’s the harder running intervals and non-running sports where the problems start.

As you can see the Wahoo TICKR-FIT performed, admirably well, as expected. So I still have nothing of any interest to report. All looks good so far.


I also wore a Polar OH1 (reviewed here) but I must have forgot to start the caching. So no data. Oh well.


The TICKR-X was paired to a mystery sports watch via Bluetooth (not the 935 as shown above) – as yet totally unannounced or leaked anywhere. More exciting news to follow on that in a couple of weeks – it’s only a little bit interesting, so stay tuned but don’t get overly excited.



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9 thoughts on “Wahoo TICKR FIT Accuracy and a mystery watch

  1. The watch is such a mystery it defies both time and relative dimension in space.

    Confirmed: The watch is a TARDIS.

    Though, I am glad the tickr fit is solid. I don’t have much of a problem with my chest strap, but all the new OHRM seem like a good alternative for the lower intensity activities. For example–the mrs and I tend to go for 5-8 mile walks during the warmer months here. I will sometimes just use the OHRM on the watch, but it isn’t all that reliable (my heart rate…sticks) and I feel wearing the chest strap for data is a tad overkill, but a arm band that does it well…sure. I am just waiting for the final breakdowns between the 3 big OHRM out right now. Accuracy over everything else is important to me.

    1. Not really bothered about what the watch might be but interesting thoughts on the HR monitor. I’m also quite happy with my chest strap (HRM-Run 4) but won’t wear it for a hike or even a bike ride. Besides the mrs could use it for running as her Vivoactive HR is useless. Too bad the Polar is BT only.

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