Boring, Boring, Boring. Review Data Comparison

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I have to say I am getting VERY VERY bored while trying to pick fault with the accuracy of the WAHOO TICKR FIT optical armband

A few weeks ago my opinion was that the Polar OH1 probably very, very slightly edged it in terms of accuracy over the Scosche Rhythm+.

But now I can’t find any way, so far, to say that the OH1 has that same slight advantage over the new TICKR FIT.

Have you ever had an interesting time trying to compare 3 numbers? I mean, like, trying to compare 25 with 25. And with 25 being the third number? That’s pretty much what it’s turning into.

Here are today’s efforts

Actually I can pick fault. I also tried to pair the Tickr Fit with the Android version of Bioforce HRV (a waking HRV app I used to use a lot). It didn’t pair. Could be my android phone which is a little notorious at pairing or simply there is no HRV capability in the TICKR FIT

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