SiS Sales Up – That’s a whole lot of sugars

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Some of these made by SiS

SiS must have cornered the market for sugars futures with 2017 sales at £15.6m, up 28% from £12.2m in 2016.

Other highlights:

  • International business up 60% (£4.4m)
  • SiS claim record levels of brand awareness
  • 58% increase in online direct sales via (£4.6m)
  • Other 3rd party online sales up 27% (£3.9m)
  • Retail sales and distribution up 13.8% (£7.1m)

Although as of today the share price (AIM) had fallen by 5% – and is down over 15% since summer 2017. Having said that, the current price of 71.50p is generally in a good place and up considerably since their nadir of July 2016.

Taken alone the rise in sales doesn’t really indicate anything other than a company that seems to be doing well (if they have their costs under control). But it must be some form of indicator that either we are taking nutrition a little bit more seriously and/or that the tri market is growing.

SiS manufacture in Lancashire and supply Team SKY (with sugars 😉 )


Source:, 16 Jan 2018

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4 thoughts on “SiS Sales Up – That’s a whole lot of sugars

  1. I had spectacular support from SiS when I was training for IMNZ. Their hydration based products work really well for me (the gels not so much), and I continue to seek their stuff our in NZ as I train for other races in triathlon, open water swimming, and road/MTB cycling.

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