Garmin 920XT – What was wrong with it anyway?

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Whilst the Garmin Forerunner 910XT was the first proper triathlon watch, it was soon replaced by the originally named Garmin Forerunner 920XT. I think it’s fair to say that we see relatively large numbers of the 920XT sill adorning various triathlete’s wrists, much less so with the 910XT.

Then Garmin went and made a new tri watch, the Forerunner 935.

Q: What was wrong with the 920XT?

A: Not a lot, I guess.

Whilst the 920XT’s aesthetics were always questionable and its GPS/current pace was certainly suspect. It did undergo somewhat of a positive transformation throughout its life.

There were numerous reports of ‘losing’ connections with sensors (same old story?) – although I never experienced it Later iterations of the firmware and CIQ saw the device slow down considerably.

Here were some of the notable improvements made during it’s 2 and a bit years of active life:


By the end it had ticked all the boxes required for a training and racing tri-watch.

Or had it?

I could just about live with the occasional lagginess however my training regime was occasionally troubled by the lack of ‘repeat’ functionality for training bricks and Otillo. And from a techy perspect the CIQ app store stops at version 1.

But really was that it? Lack of Otillo support?

As you can see, below, Amazon purchasers rate it highly.


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