Garmin 935 – Future Changes – 935plus or 945 ?

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We like the Garmin Forerunner 935 and, with its hefty price tag, ALL of us should like it.

Sure, it’s not perfect. Maybe it’s more perfect than most or less imperfect than most…depending on how you see it. Either way it would be foolish to deny that the Garmin 935 is a REALLY GOOD TRI Watch. I use mine most days.

However, the world does not stand still. The competition will be catching up…slowly. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Garmin are working on a Fenix 6 and a Forerunner 945 right NOW. Probably they are even conceptually working on a Fenix 7 and a Forerunner 955 right now. But let’s not go there.

I want to explore what  you all want improving on your 935. Let’s leave the question open-ended as to whether or not your desired improvement could theoretically be made by firmware changes rather than a new hardware component. Let’s also leave out the correction of peripheral bugs; although please note that GPS inaccuracy is NOT a trivial bug IMHO.

Further note: I do NOT see a 935plus version coming up (I could be wrong) and I do NOT see most of these making their way into the 935 unfortunately.

Discussion Base: Firmware 7.6 (changelog here)

Edit: I will put in bracket either [935] or [945] or [No] to indicate if when I think these features will come.

These are areas for improvement as I see it. comment below or you can make a multi-option vote below to express your innermost tech desires. Let’s see what we all want

What features do you want to add to the existing 935?

You can only vote once a week BUT can make many selections. Please make a selection before trying to see the results. Click wisely young padawan:

Garmin Forerunner 935 – Future Improvements
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