Challenge STRAVA – New Feature ette and free race illness cover with PREMIUM

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As part of berating some of the media yesterday around the STRAVA heatmap military fake-furore, I had to upgrade my account to PREMIUM to see the heat maps. For some reason I had let it expire. Tut tut.

So today I then had to go and activate my free insurance perk that comes with STRAVA. So long as you are recording your activity on STRAVA (does that mean on your Garmin for uploading later?) then your Garmin and a taxi ride home could well be covered in an accident. If you are ill then you can get some recompense on race fees too.

Then, to make a manic 24 hours of STRAVA news complete, I got a press release.

..creators of partner challenges now have the option to allow virtual rides or runs of all types to count toward their challenges on Strava…Indoor virtual activities are categorised as those that include GPS, distance, elevation, and time data from a simulated route. Strava’s own challenges will continue to count only outdoor run and ride activities towards challenge goals.

So that basically means that Zwift counts, even though you do it indoors. Indeed Le Col is the first to accept Zwift miles for their ‘10 Hour Season Starter Challenge’ (Feb 1 – Feb 14)

I’ll take that.


STRAVA – Media Idiocy around Heatmap



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