IronCloud T1 : Iron on the Outside? Valencell on the Inside? The New Fenix Wannabe?

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Hmmm. Maybe not IRON on the outside but the IronCloud T1 Fenix-wannabee does have the Valencell BW1.2 prebuilt wrist heart rate sensor module on the inside.

Anyway, the point to make here is that Valencell have confirmed it is a real product that exists at least to some degree and uses their sensor. Although if you head on over to the fcc you won’t find that it has made its way there for testing. Ironcloud are hoping for fulfillment in May 2018, so I guess there is still time for all those legal niceties.

You can check out some of the other challenger brands that will be, perhaps, making the presence known in my monthly update on the state of the sports watches post. The last version was produced a few days ago and updated today. Here…


April 2022: Sports Watch Update: All new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumors + dates for all Garmin Gadgets & Wearables, Plus Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Samsung, Fitbit,

Amongst other things, I recently chatted with Valencell about some of their developments (link below). And one of the standout things from the chat was that their business model was moving away from the licensing of OHR tech and more towards the sale of prebuilt modules. Valencell have 2 modules

  • BW – Benchmark Wrist (3-LED Version BW1.2 and the smaller 2-LED version BW2.0)
  • BE – Benchmark Ear

The Ironcloud is a perfect example of how such modules can reduce the time-to-market. The IronCloud T1 uses the larger BW1.2 module.

Optical Heart Rate – A Chat With Valencell


On paper the IronCloud looks temptingly impressive and seemingly aimed at the Fenix 5. Here are some highlights:

  • 100m waterproofing
  • 240x240px display – Fenix 5 ‘mehness’
  • GPS+GLONASS+BDS -BDS is BeiDou and is China’s regional flavour of the global GPS/GLONASS systems. It’s inclusion in this and other product could signify several things
    • The chip supports BeiDou but the watch firmware may not 😉
    • The watch is targeting the burgeoning Asian market for sports wearables.
  • Vibrate alert
  • Titanium bezel and Sapphire Glass … sweet
  • Colour Touchscreen – oh dear. But it has 5 buttons too. Phew.
  • 480mAh battery (Fenix 5X is 430mAh Source) giving 30 hours of GPS-enabled fun. Much more without GPS
  • Standard sport profile support – Outdoor Running, Treadmill Running, Pool Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Biking, MTB
  • HR Training Zones – note to Suunto
  • Some degree of training planning (looks like calendar not complex, structured workouts)
  • ABC – Altimeter, Barometer, Compass
  • Connected stuff via BLE to your smartphone. Only works with FITMIX4 app which, no doubt, will push to STRAVA (may not be correct FITMIX link)
  • Processor is Mediatek MT2523, which was new from MediaTek around Jan 2016.

So the firmware ambitions look OK to good. Certainly very good for startup. Will they deliver…I don’t know. Will the app be as good as Garmin Conenct…no. Will it support power meters over ANT+…I doubt it.

But. Hey!. Let’s not knock it yet. It looks promising.

And: no I’m not putting my money up to back it.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “IronCloud T1 : Iron on the Outside? Valencell on the Inside? The New Fenix Wannabe?

  1. So, is this year going to be the year of high-end knockoff sport watches? I forget if this is the same one DCR made a video about a couple of weeks ago. If not, then i’m right and we are going to see a lot of “Farmin,” “Buunto,” “Golar” and “Fitbite” devices out there.

  2. I voted for „vapourware“ and „will deliver late and much stuff won‘t work“. But, I really hope the copycats will make it to the market with a radical low pricing of those products. That will put good pressure on the ‚current market (leaders)‘ and they then hopefully get out the finger out of the dark place.

  3. tempting price tag and interesting features. it looks good and put somem pressure on the big companies out there. 2018 will be an interesting year for gps fitness watches.

    1. You know what turns me away though? App ecosystem and external support with other services. What if the file type is some non transferable proprietary version, or there is little updating.

      I just fall on the late adopter side of buyer’s scale with these kind of products.

  4. This watch is an absolute piece of **** it does not work and the company folded up without even fulfilling all orders..

      1. You can still buy it, if you’re stupid enough to do so, Geekery folded up pulled the FitMix application from all App stores, leaving most with failed hardware or nothing at all, and Indiegogo will not support backers by pointing to their T&C’s. Still available to buy but the company is gone. Indiegogo are equally responsible because they still support the campaign.

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