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In conjunction with Zwift’s new free access, the running power meter brand Stryd has announced a partnership with the online platform and is now offering a simplified version of their popular Bluetooth Smart footpod. For half of the price of their power-based platform (which is also Zwift-compatible), the Stryd Live complements the new virtual environment and provides speed, distance, and cadence beamed into Zwift’s online world.

Zwift Run is also compatible with Garmin’s ANT+ Footpod (requires an ANT+ dongle and a MacOS or Windows-compatible computer, no iOS), Polar’s Footpod, and MileStone’s Pod (the latter two and the Stryd version are Bluetooth Smart, so no dongle required).

UnderArmour’s Record-equipped shoes also work directly with the platform, and Bluetooth-enabled treadmills (no pod or shoes required) like the BowFlex BXT116/BXT216 treadmills, any StarTrac treadmills with a Bluetooth button, LifeFitness T3 home treadmills, and the True Fitness Performance 300 are also currently compatible.


Futures for Zwift Run

New functions such as custom workouts, group workouts, pacing features and run specific routes are just a few things that will be coming out in the period leading up to summer 2018.

Some Background on the announcement

Anyone can now run for free on Zwift. You should be able to run for free until the end of 2018 when a subscription service will be introduced.

Zwift (bike) has certainly changed cycling for the better. On occasion, I have actually looked forward to my shed-based bike training. Maybe Zwift Run will do the same for treadmill running? I’m not so sure what the levels of penetration are for treadmills in homes in the UK, certainly there are LOTS of them in gyms all across the country so maybe this will become more of a gym-feature than a home-feature?

Although having said that, the UK is a fairly warm country considering its latitude (Gulf Stream) and many parts of North America, Northern Europe and Asia are much colder. I suspect that many of you in those areas have invested more heavily in treadmills than we have in the UK.

Zwift will introduce group runs and race-distance-based training plan to broaden and focus the Zwift-run experience.

Strava integration? Yep you can run REAL segments in imaginary/digital places. (I think that’s so cool!)

And we recently reported that virtual miles recorded in Zwift can also count towards Strava challenges.

Some of the newer tech treadmills are Bluetooth compatible so you can connect directly to your app or computer (or even Apple TV). If you don’t happen to own a super-high technology treadmill then you will be able to rely on a much cheaper Bluetooth footpod. You could use STRYD (expensive/accurate), Runscribe or Milestone (cheap as chips)  I guess. If you have a Garmin/ANT+ footpod then you will need some sort of dongle to convert the ANT+ signal to Bluetooth – you can buy these to stick in your computer easily enough but you might as well buy a cheap footpod instead – See below.

STRYD Live – the light Version for normal runners and zwift runners

You know where to go: or via the App Store.

STRYD Review, 10,000km Update – (Dual-) Running Power ⚡ Pod


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9 thoughts on “New Zwift Run – Free for 2018

  1. I downloaded it to see what the fuss was all about it. Didn’t care for the platform, plus my virus protection went bonkers with it as well. Zwift was trying to write to protected folders on my computer amongst a few other things like uploading info via backdoor channels. I don’t the particulars, but seriously I got like 5 warning within the first couple minutes after downloading it.

  2. I have used it a couple times with my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised it actually was somewhat motivating, despite it being on such a tiny screen. I believe it was the idea that you are actually trying to get somewhere, even virtually. (I’m a big fan of Zwift Bike). My biggest issue was the inconsistent pace from my RS+ pods being totally inaccurate (not just a calibration issue). Can’t wait for the sensor-fusion stuff from RS to hopefully make them useful here. But this makes me laugh at the idea that you’ll be able to have strava segments or group runs in run mode. It’s bad enough on the bike with variation in power meters. But here, with no consistency between pods, and no adjustment for elevation, these numbers will be totally meaningless.

  3. Hey, not related to the article but how did you place the “Amazon Buy Now” products into your article

  4. Finally Stryd listened and crippled their power meter to make a footpod. It was about time, as I think there are hundreds of people not wanting to fork out 200USD who had been waiting on the sideline for this to happen. As you can guess I have far more interest in the pace than in the power.
    I just bought it from your link. I hope you get some credit for this. It took me straight to so I am not sure it worked as intended…

      1. +++
        Same thing. A very good discount for taking off all the power schiza from the device ).
        Used your link for purchase also. Thank you

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