Garmin Running Power – Improve with STRYD Live/Light

Garmin Running Power Jan 2018For those of you looking to improve the stability of the watts in your Garmin Running Power numbers then the new STRYD Light (STRYD Live) could be a sensible way forwards for a half the cost of the full STRYD solution.

This particular approach might be useful if you have already built up some history of power data using Garmin Running Power and want to continue to work on the same FTP and power zones.

Using the STRYD Live pod WILL make the outputs from the Garmin Running Power algorithm more accurate and less variable at any given time AND it shouldn’t change the overall watts for your workouts too much (if at all).

The new STRYD Live pod is half the price of the normal STRYD pod AND it will introduce a bit more stability into your Garmin Running Power numbers if you use it as the source of power rather than relying on GPS or a less accurate footpod.

STRYD Live Zwift










I’m still not entirely convinced about the Garmin Running Power algorithm – other than convinced by the cost. It’s free!!

I’ve pretty much finished with using Garmin Running Power until Runscribe’s power metric comes out of beta.

Even looking at another of the inputs to the Garmin Running Power algorithm (Ground Contact Time, GCT) then we can see that RunScribe and STRYD broadly agree whereas Garmin’s GCT (from the HRM-TRI) is notably different. How can Garmin Running Power be correct if GCT and pace are both inaccurate?


Clickable – IT DOES REALLY SHOW GROUND CONTACT TIME but says cadence

Other industry commentators talk about requiring levels of accuracy above 98/99% for bike power meters. I’m not saying STRYD’s power figures are 98/99% accurate but I am saying that Garmin’s power figures are most probably EVEN LESS ACCURATE than STRYD just because of the variations and likely inaccuracy of the inputs.

Plus if you use STRYD Live you will get super accurate pace and distance – for $99 and you can also use that in Zwift.

Even using the MilestonePod will improve the accuracy of Garmin Running Power compared to GPS-derived distance (assuming Milestone is calibrated…STRYD does not need calibrating)

Milestone POD Review


Discounts, Availability and current pricing


ESSENTIAL READING: STRYD Review – In Detail, Every Aspect

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Can you confirm if the Garmin power app works with the Stryd live pod?


Discount Code Not working


should work for newrunning gear….let me know if not. no discount at this time for