parkrun : Sunday Challenge

It’s Sunday. It must be parkrun challenge day, surely?

There are lots of parkrun challenges you can do. Some of them pretty tough, some of them extremely life-consuming

  1. Obviously there are the 50/100/250 T-shirts
  2. Then there is LON-done – every London parkrun
  3. Then there is the duathlon parkrun solstice – where you run as many complete parkruns in one day cycling between them. 7 or 8 should be a good target
  4. Then there is the chauffeured version of #3. All you have to do is run the parkruns but someone drives you from one to the next.
  5. Or you could be a parkrun tourist and do as many as you can before you die.
  6. I invented today’s challenge for myself. Which went something like “cross the  route of as many parkruns as you can but running from parkrun to the next”. I managed 5 (Deer, Richmond, Wimbledon, Kingston, Bushy). It started out as a 90 minute run and after about an hour I had this crazy idea. I also did it in the snow, through mud and on no hydration or nutrition #stupid. I think I ran out of carbs as I had no lunch either. Not far off 38km by the end.

Let me know if you beat 5. I reckon it will be quite hard as there can’t be that many parts of the UK where there are so many relatively close together as I have here. I suppose it’s possible to do 7 or 8 where Ilive but it would be a VERY long day over an Ultra distance and would require being driven to a good start point and from a good end point.

Other challenges could be, for example, doing the 10 hardest parkruns


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