STRYD Live – firmware upgradeable

STRYD Live ZwiftThe new STRYD Live is firmware upgradeable to the power version of STRYD.

I guess there’s not too much more you can say than that.

I would presume that the cost for the firmware upgrade would be more than the current $100 difference between STRYD and STRYD Live. I would guess in the short term there would not be too many takers for the upgrade but, maybe, as running with power grows it is a nice insurance policy to have in your bag. Well, on  your foot.


MetricsPace, distance, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground timePower, form power, leg stiffness, pace, distance, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground time
Battery lifeExcellentExcellent
Zwift CompatibileYesYes
Stryd InsightsNoYes
BuyBuy Stryd Live on this page for $99Get STRYD here for $100 more
STRYD Live is limited edition pod specifically designed to be used on Zwift. STRYD is a running power pod designed for runners and triathletes.

Discounts, Availability and current pricing

STRYD LIVE is initially only available directly from STRYD in the USA. I will update this if gets stock in the UK/EU. As it’s a limited production run, this might not happen. There will be import duties for you to import into the EU.


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I don‘t get why why they haven‘t made the live (like lite) version upgradable to the full version. The live version for 50.- bucks, to begin with. If you then like to get the full benefit of all features, you‘ll just pay the upgrade fee and install the new firmware.


I would believe that it would cost less than $100 for the firmware upgrade from STRYD LIVE to STRYD Power due to the lower build cost with no wireless charging and the charger itself. The cost of entry into the STRYD eco system with the Live version is $100 and to upgrade to power would be say $50. STRYD Power version costs $50 more for the wireless charging component. Thoughts?


Is there a firmware update? I had one a few weeks ago and updated, went and checked after reading this and the app came back “up to date.” Is it phased?


Now with more metrics:

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